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Overview and description of vinyl player T + A G2000 R-CMC

The model T+A G2000 R-CMC is part of the prestigious R-series and is positioned by the company as a vinyl player of the High End class, as it is equipped with a specially modified high-grade Clearaudio tonearm with a carbon tube and an MC-2 MC cartridge. The player has a strict laconic design, based on the design of the successful model G1260 R, but has a number of significant improvements.
The inertial case T+A G2000 R-CMC is made of MDF and is covered with "armor" made of multi-layer aluminum panels, and the table of the model rests on the surface with four shock-absorber legs. Thanks to this design, it provides excellent resistance to vibrations and resonances, and aluminum panels also perform screen functions. In the case there is a special compartment for an optional affordable motherboard of the MC-phono stage, which T + A strongly recommends to install. As an option, you can attach a horsehair brush on the player table to clean the vinyl disc.
The T+A G2000 R-CMC employs a high-quality synchronous motor, which has an absolutely smooth stroke, exceptional stability and uses a separate board with a digital signal processor to monitor the rotation speed. The engine transmits torque by means of a rubber belt to a zinc subdisk treated with CNC machines, which is in turn supported by a main support disk. The rotation speed is switched electronically. To do this, there are a pair of corresponding buttons on the front panel of the case with two backlight modes. There is also a power button/standby. The model is equipped with two connectors of the system bus R2-Link to synchronize the inclusion of audio components T+A. The rear panel also contains an RCA output and a ground terminal.
The support disk is made of aluminum using the injection molding method and weighs 3.8 kg. On top is a special mat made of soft silicone rubber, providing a full acoustic inertness. The vinyl disc can be pressed with a clamp (option) weighing 0.7 kg for a more dense and reliable contact. The main bearing uses a polished shaft of hardened steel and a copper sleeve with rigid tolerances.
Vinyl player T+A G2000 R-CMC has a dynamic, voluminous, maximum transparent and assertive sound with a warm tint and a wide stereopanorama.

Features of vinyl player T+A G2000 R-CMC

Case made of MDF/aluminum
Aluminum support disk with silicone rubber mat
Synchronous motor with quartz stabilization, control of disk rotation speed with DSP
Modified Clearaudio tonearm

Characteristics of the vinyl player T+A G2000 R-CMC

Type of drive: passive
Electromotor: synchronous, quartz stabilization, DSP-correction of rotation speed
Supported disk rotation speeds: 33.3 and 45 rpm
Electronic speed switching: yes
The detonation coefficient: ± 0.02%
Signal to noise ratio: 82 dB
Material of support disk: aluminum
Weight of the support disc: 3.8 kg
Mat of silicone rubber in the kit: yes
Material of the player: MDF + aluminum
Main bearing: polished shaft of hardened steel and copper sleeve with rigid tolerances (± 5 microns)
Tonorm: modified Clearaudio swivel arm, straight carbon tube, non-contact anti-skating system
Cartridge type: MC
Needle: MC-2, diamond, profile: Micro Line
Output voltage: 0.75 mV
Channel separation at a frequency of 1 kHz: 30 dB
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 45 kHz (-3 dB)
Recommended load impedance: 100 Ω
Dynamic compliance: 9 μm/mN
Recommended optimum downforce: 2 g
Cartridge weight: 8g
Figured acrylic cover for dust protection: yes
Clamping clamp for vinyl discs: optional
Power consumption: 40W, in standby mode: less than 0.5W
Dimensions (WxHxD): 460x160x380 mm
Dimensions (body only, without tonearm) (WxHxD): 460x82x380 mm
Weight: 14 kg

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