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Overview and description of vinyl turntable T+A G1260 R-O-MM

Players of vinyl discs in the catalog of the authoritative German firm T+A are few, therefore it is obvious that the engineers of the company have approached the development of T+A G1260 R-O-MM with all possible responsibility. A massive, die-cast aluminum support wheel weighing 3.8 kg is supported by an internal zinc disk, and is connected by a drive belt with an engine pulley made with precision precision. In this case, the axis of the reference disc also undergoes processing on a high-precision lathe, and in two stages - first during manufacturing, and then after pressing into the base of the disk. In general, the accuracy of manufacturing these important components, as well as the bronze bearing of the T+A G1260 R-O-MM player, is not lower than +/- 5 microns, which is in line with standards, for example, in the aerospace industry.
The drive speed control scheme (33 1/3 or 45 rpm) is based on the proprietary DSP, which maintains this parameter stable regardless of the frequency and magnitude of the mains supply voltage (+/- 0.02%).
The case of the G1260 R-O-MM player is made by their MDF, which guarantees (in combination with other design solutions) no parasitic resonances, and as a result, distortions of sound, and is equipped with four vibration-damping supports. The side walls of the turntable have a multi-layer structure, and are assembled from aluminum panels fastened with special glue.
The support disk G1260 R-O-MM is covered with a thick layer of artificial rubber, which ensures a uniform and stable fit of the plate, and protects the disk from vibrations and mechanical damages. Thus, you do not need to buy additional mats for the reference disc of this player.
Such serious measures to prevent resonances and stabilize the rotation speed of the disk made it possible to obtain an exceptionally wide range of operating frequencies G1260 R - from 20 Hz to 29 kHz. The player is equipped with a high-quality Rega tonearm, and also equipped with MM-pickup Ortofon 2M Bronze. Model T+A G1260 R-O-MM is a complete solution, because in addition to the cartridge, the company also includes a proprietary phonorecorder T+A PH-G10 MM.

Features of vinyl player T+A G1260 R-O-MM

MM-cartridge and phono-corrector included
aluminum support disk
DSP-system for controlling the rotational speed of the disk
vibration damping table design
Rega tonearm

Characteristics of the vinyl player T+A G1260 R-O-MM

Disk drive: passive
Electromotor: synchronous, with quartz control
Transformer: toroidal, 300 VA
Rotational speed: 33 1/3 rev/s; 45 r/s
Permissible speed fluctuations: + - 0,02%
Level of roar: 0,002%
Supporting disc: cast aluminum, weighing 3.8 kg
Phono-corrector: PH-G10 MM, type MM
Cartridge: Ortofon 2M Bronze, type MM
Output voltage: 5 mV
Channel separation: 26 dB
Frequency range (-3 dB): 20 Hz - 29 kHz
Recommended load resistance: 47 kΩ
Recommended load capacity: 150-300 pF
Suspension compliance: 22 μm/mN
Recommended clamping force of the needle: 1.5 g
Cartridge weight: 7.2 g
Dimensions: 140 x 440 x 390 mm
Weight: 12 kg
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