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Overview and description of vinyl player Soulines Elgar DCX (Jelco SA-250)

The vinyl player Soulines Elgar DCX received its name in honor of the British Edward Elgar, who was one of the first composers to record his music on gramophone records.
Elegant and concise table Soulines Elgar DCX is a rigid chassis made of two milled aluminum plates, between which is a layer of damping material. Also in the design of the chassis there is an aluminum tube, located perpendicularly (T-shaped) plate. This solution has a number of advantages in terms of balancing the player and reducing the moment of inertia in all three axes from the center of gravity. As a result, a very high degree of vibration damping is achieved, which is a necessary condition for obtaining a sound quality. Installed Soulines Elgar DCX on three small supports made of silicone.
The inverted bearing in the Soulines Elgar DCX is installed directly in the sub-chassis and has a complete mechanical isolation from the main chassis with inserts made of cork wood with the addition of rubber.
The model is equipped with a high-performance DC motor with electronic control, which is mounted on the main chassis. The aluminum sub-chassis is designed in such a way that any tonearm with an SME mount can be mounted on the Soulines Elgar DCX, and using an additional acrylic support - and the Jelco/Linn or Rega/Origin Live tonearm. A special 6 mm aluminum insert for tuning VTA will allow to use on the player and 9-inch models. Support disk Soulines Elgar DCX is made with high precision from acrylic; they have a thickness of 40 mm and carry 3,2 kg.
Soulines Elgar DCX has no visible controls, however, they are, of course, present. The left part of the chassis tube is a rotary three-position power switch, as well as a speed selector for the plate (33 or 45 rpm). Accurate speed adjustment is provided by means of two regulators located near the pulley of the engine. The player is equipped with a mat from the plug with the addition of rubber, a dust cover and a template for adjusting the pickup.

Features of Soulines Elgar DCX (Jelco SA-250) vinyl player

Rigid aluminum chassis with perpendicular tube
Acrylic support disk thickness 40 mm and weight 3,2 kg
DC motor with electronic control
SMA/Rega/Origine Live or Jelco (9-inch) tonearm support with the included accessories

Characteristics of the vinyl player Soulines Elgar DCX (Jelco SA-250)

Design: low resonance design, sub chassis, passive drive
Rotational speeds of the disk: 33,3, 45 rpm, electronic switching, with the possibility of fine tuning
Supporting disc: acrylic, thickness 40 mm, weight 3,2 kg
Tonorm: Jelco SA-250
Dimensions (W x H x D): 430 x 160 x 350 mm
Weight: 10 kg
Included: cork rubber mat, protective cover, devices for installing tonearms of various designs, template for setting the pickup

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