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Overview and description of the vinyl player SME Model 30/2

The vinyl disc player SME Model 30/2 embodies many of the achievements of the famous company. In developing this model, SME engineers paid special attention to the fight against any vibrations and resonances that may occur during the operation of the player, or "directed" from the outside.
The case of the player consists of two plates. The lower one is supported by four anti-vibration mounts, and is equipped with four columns, which are liquid dampers for the upper sub-chassis. Podshassi, in turn, is suspended to these columns on rubber rings, which effectively extinguish any resonances. Thus, the upper sub-chassis is reliably crooked both horizontally and vertically. The weight of the lower plate is 16 kilograms, and the top one is almost 17. If necessary, any of the rubber rings (for example, in the case of a breakage) can be replaced promptly.
The reference disc in the SME Model 30/2 has a diameter of 330 mm, and weighs 7 kg. A special coating of the disc ensures a reliable retention of the plate (for even more secure fixing, a massive clamp is provided), and it quenches possible resonances well. And the total weight of the entire model is more than 42 kilograms, which is almost a record in this class. The power supply and disk speed control are assembled in a separate housing, supported by polyurethane legs, which is optimal from the point of view of the mechanical decoupling of the engine and the disk. The three-phase motor has a neodymium magnetic system, and three integrated Hall sensors, and has exceptional stability. The player has three rotational speeds of the disc (33,3, 45 and 78 rpm) with the possibility of fine tuning and LED indication.
The support disk rests on a spindle of alloy steel, machined with precision accuracy, and is supported by a high-quality bronze bearing.
SME Model 30/2 has a very balanced and detailed sound, and in a properly selected system it can provide the quality of the reference level sound.

Features of the SME Model 30/2 vinyl player

Three rotational speeds of the disc
Four-point suspension sub-chassis on rubber rings

Characteristics of the vinyl player SME Model 30/2

Type: turntable
Switching speed: 33 1/3, 45, 78 rpm
Supporting disc: 7 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D: 450 x 220 x 350 mm
Weight: 42 kg (with power supply)
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