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Overview and description of the vinyl player SME Model 30/12

The British company SME Limited positions its top model 30/12 as a turntable that will fully unlock the potential of its V-12 series.
The flagship has a record weight of about 50 kg and is an enlarged and heavier copy of the model 30/2. His desk has a design consisting of two massive aluminum platforms. The lower platform SME Model 30/12 is supported on the surface by means of four antivibration adjustable legs, and the upper one is suspended to its four columns, which perform the functions of liquid dampers, with the help of easily replaceable rubber rings (15 pieces each). Therefore, this player practically does not experience problems with resonances and vibrations.
The brushless three-phase motor is equipped with a powerful system of 8-pole neodymium magnets. It is attached to the bottom of the table and has three built-in Hall sensors. The speed information is read from the sensors and fed into a microprocessor in a separate housing, which adjusts to one of the required values ​​- 33,3, 45 or 78 rpm. There are also speed selection buttons and the corresponding indication. In the same building there is a power unit. The motor transmits torque to the hub of the support disk with a rubber band belt. The support disc, equipped with a fixed mat, made of Isodamp material, weighs 7.5 kg and has a diameter of 330 mm. It is put on a spindle made of hardened steel and finished with precise processing. Synthetic bronze serves as the material for the main bearing clutch. In the kit there is a clamp, which is screwed onto the axis of the spindle and presses the vinyl plate against the mat.
The sound of SME Model 30/12 can be called a reference without any reservations. When installing the appropriate pick-up pickup and tonearm heads, this unit is able to transmit all the nuances of the audio material recorded on the vinyl disc with the accuracy of the Swiss clock. The only condition that should not be forgotten is the presence of a high-quality Hi End system, which will help this player show everything he is capable of.

Features of the SME Model 30/12 player

The player table consists of two platforms
Supporting disc weighing 7.5 kg
Remote power supply and electronic speed switch

Characteristics of the vinyl player SME Model 30/12

Drive Type: Passive
Supported disk rotation speeds: 33,3; 45; 78 rpm
Switching of speeds of rotation: electronic, by means of buttons on the portable block
Diameter of the support disk: 330 mm
Support Disc Material: Aluminum Alloy
Supporting disc weight: 7,5 kg
Main bearing: polished chrome spindle of hardened steel; the main unit works in a closed oil bath; Sintered bronze is used as a material; bearing ball is made of tungsten steel
Electric motor: three-phase brushless electric motor with 8-pole neodymium magnets, equipped with three Hall sensors
Tonarch: no
Power supply: separate, shielded, with an integrated electronic unit for selecting and monitoring the speed of rotation, LED indication
Rotational speed deviation: 0,01%
Power consumption: 4 W
Dimensions (WxHxD): 530x232x400 mm
Weight: 53,5 kg (including power supply)
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