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Overview and description of the vinyl player SME Model 20/12A

Model SME Model 20/12A occupies the top position in the pre-top line of vinyl players of the British company SME Limited, widely known for its high-quality tonearms.
This 33,5-kilogram unit can with confidence be called reference. It takes into account almost every detail that can affect the sound. Due to the large weight and original design of the twin table made of aluminum alloy, it is possible to forget about vibrations and resonances. The lower platform SME Model 20/12A is equipped with four adjustable legs, in which steel balls are put in contact with the surface (instead of the balls you can choose the usual pads), while the upper one (its position is also adjusted) is fixed to the bottom using rubber ring suspensions 10 pieces per each of the four fasteners). And the liquid damping system does not let it sway. The powerful three-phase motor with 8-pole neodymium magnets, mounted on the "lower floor" and having a vibration isolation from the table, is equipped with Hall-analyzers. They allow you to monitor the speed of rotation and maintain it thanks to a circuit in a separate case with a microprocessor. There is also a full-time stroboscope for fine tuning. The motor transmits the torque to the disk hub by means of a bandpass belt. The support disc weighs 6.5 kg and is equipped with a repeating "pattern" of the surface of the LP mat, made of specially processed material Isodamp. To fix the vinyl plate, there is a clamping screw on the steel spindle axis. The main bearing assembly operates in a closed oil bath. The power unit is configured with an electronic speed selector unit and placed in a separate housing, on which there are power buttons for 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm.
The player is equipped with a 12-inch precision tonearm Model 312S, made of magnesium. It is possible to use 9 and 10-inch tonearms, but compared to them, 12-inch provide less distortion.
The natural sound of the model 20/12A demonstrates tremendous tonal neutrality. The device with accuracy of the jeweler passes all that was laid in the record and does not bring anything superfluous. To achieve maximum performance in such a high-precision instrument, it is necessary to install the corresponding cartridges corresponding to it.

Features of SME Model 20/12A vinyl player

Precision tonearm SME Model 312S
The original design of the twin table
Supporting disc weighing 6,5 kg
Remote power supply and electronic speed switch

Characteristics of the SME Model 20/12A vinyl player

Type of drive: passive
Supported disk rotation speeds: 33,3; 45; 78 rpm
Switching of speeds of rotation: electronic, by means of buttons on the portable block
Diameter of the support disk: 325 mm
Support Disc Material: Aluminum Alloy
Weight of the support disk: 6,5 kg
Main bearing: polished chrome spindle of hardened steel; the main unit works in a closed oil bath; as a material also used sintered bronze
Electric motor: three-phase electric motor with 8-pole neodymium magnets, equipped with Hall sensors
Tonorm: SME Model 312S (swivel; straight; anti-skating, axle-to-needle distance 308,19 mm; overhang - 12,59 mm; cartridge balancing range 7-19 g; removable inter-unit cable type DIN-RCA)
Power supply: separate, shielded, with an integrated electronic unit for selecting and monitoring the speed of rotation, LED indication
Dimensions (WxHxD): 520 x 173,5 x 375 mm
Weight: 33,5 kg; 35,5 kg (including power supply)
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