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Overview and description of the vinyl player Pro-ject Signature 10

Pro-ject Audio Systems is a world leader in the production of stylish analog products at affordable prices. Vinyl player Pro-ject Signature 10 is created using all the latest achievements of the company and has a luxurious, expensive appearance. The player comes in three different colors: black piano lacquer, lacquered mahogany, lacquered olive wood, so it fits perfectly in any interior.
Pro-ject Signature 10 is an uncompromisingly high-quality vinyl player with the most complex concepts. The chassis of the player is made of high-quality fiberboard and is filled with metal pellets, giving the design additional weight and suppressing vibrations. Pro-ject Signature 10 uses magnetic supports that physically decouple the player from the surface on which it is installed, which reduces the likelihood of resonance and enables you to fully enjoy pure and high-quality sound.
The Pro-ject Signature 10's massive reference disc, made from a special, resonant-resistant alloy, rotates on an inverted ceramic bearing with magnetic suspension, so the turntable works silently, completely without distracting from listening to your favorite musical compositions. The manufacturing company covers the top surface of the disc with a thermoplastic elastomer - this approach prevents the plate from moving, which can be additionally pressed with a special press that comes in the kit. A flywheel drive ensures even rotation of the disc, and the Flywheel system completely eliminates the vibrations coming from the motors. Built-in speed control allows you to switch between 33 1/3 rpm and 45 rpm with ease, literally by pressing one button.
The unique Pro-ject Signature 10 with a precision single-turn mechanism is made of aluminum and has a wide range of adjustments, therefore, by selecting the appropriate counterweights, you can easily install almost any cartridge on it.
Pro-ject Audio Systems delivers all premium vinyl players complete with an unbalanced five-pin RCA cable or, if desired, a balanced five-pin XLR cable that is used for balanced signal transmission and provides high reliability and quality of connection.
In other words, the vinyl player Pro-ject Signature 10 is a miracle that all music lovers have been waiting for - a pure embodiment of the top of engineering thought and passionate love for music.

Features of Pro-ject Signature 10 vinyl player

Massive base and support disk with magnetic suspension
One-touch speed adjustment
Material sorbotane, which prevents the occurrence of vibrations
Inverted ceramic ball bearing with magnetic support
Extremely low level of self resonance
Excellent mechanical damping due to magnetic suspension supports
Electronic speed controller 33/45 rpm
Uniaxial high-precision tonearm Signature 10
Heavy duty clamp for records

Characteristics of the vinyl player Pro-ject Signature 10

Type of drive: passive
Supported disk rotation speeds: 33 1/3, 45
Switching the speed of rotation of the disk: electronic switch
Deviations of the rotation speed: 0.1% (at 33 1/3 rpm), 0.09% (at 45 rpm)
Support Disc Material: Aluminum Alloy
Material mat for the support disc: thermoplastic elastomer
Supporting disc weight: 10.4 kg
Diameter of the supporting disc: 300 mm
Material table of the player: Fibreboard with filler (metal granules)
Signal to noise ratio: - 73 dB
Tonorm: single-arm 10 "tonearm (rotary, S-shaped, anti-skating, effective tonearm length 254 mm, effective tonearm weight 18.5 g, material - aluminum)
Approach of the needle (overhang): 16 mm
Clamping force range: 0-30 mN
Electric motor: direct current
Power supply: external adapter, 15 V/1600 mA, alternating current, 90 - 264 V
Inter-unit cable: Pro-Ject Connect IT 5P-C
Dust cover: optional
Clamp for vinyl discs: yes
Power consumption: maximum 13 W, 0.5 W (standby)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 475 x 195 x 354 mm
Net weight: 23 kg
Weight (gross): 40 kg
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