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Overview and description of vinyl player Pro-Ject 6-perspeX SB

The Pro-Ject 6PERSPEX SB record player has a high quality design and can be classified as High-End for this type of equipment. The device has a chic chassis made of a sheet of transparent acrylic, and the bearing of the support disk and the tonearm are mounted on a sub-chassis made of corian. Sub-chassis has a magnetic suspension, which in combination with the adjustable damped supports of the main chassis, completely protects the tonearm and the disk from external vibrations. The motor, connected to the support disk by means of the passive, is completely mechanically isolated from the sub-chassis, and also has extremely low noise and vibration indices.
The support disk, made of high-quality fiberboard, has a diameter of 300 mm and is covered with a 4 mm vinyl layer - this provides excellent anti-vibration characteristics and eliminates the need for additional mats. The disc is mounted on an inverted bearing, manufactured with precision precision in stainless steel, and supported by a ceramic ball. The motor in the player works from an alternating current, the source of which is a high-precision generator operating from a constant voltage. In the model 6PERSPEX SB, electronic switching of the rotational speed of the disk (33 or 45 rpm) is applied, with the corresponding block being created on the basis of the Pro-Ject Speed ​​Box device, which is reflected in its name.
The player is equipped with a high-quality 9cc EVO Carbon 9-inch toneary, and its conical shaped tube, which prevents the formation of resonant vibrations, is made of carbon fiber. Supported inverted tonearm bearings have ABEC7 accuracy class and ensure smooth and precise movement of the pickup on the sound track of the plate. 6PERSPEX SB is equipped with counterweights, which allow you to install on it a variety of MM or MC-heads at the user's choice. Also, along with the player, the quality Connect Connect Phono E connection phono cord and a dust cover are available. For ease of adjustment, an alcohol level is installed in the chassis of the 6PERSPEX SB.

Features of the vinyl player Pro-Ject 6-perspeX SB

Acrylic chassis and sub-chassis of Koriana
Electronic switching of the rotational speed of the disk
9-inch tonearm 9cc EVO made of carbon fiber
Top vinyl cover of the support disk

Characteristics of the vinyl player Pro-Ject 6-perspeX SB

Disk rotation speed: 33 and 45 rpm (electronic switching)
Drive: Passive
Supporting disc: Fibreboard, 300 mm, top vinyl coating 4 mm thick
Support bearing: inverted, hardened steel, ceramic ball
Rate instability: +/- 0.1% (33, 45)
Speed ​​accuracy: +/- 0.1% (33), +/- 0.06% (45)
Signal to noise ratio: - 73 dB
Tonearm: 9 inches, 9cc EVO, carbon
Effective tonearm length: 230 mm
Effective tonearm mass: 9 grams
Sunset: 18 mm
Clamping force: 10 - 35 mN
Counterweight in the set: 5 - 7, 7 - 10, 9 - 11, 10 - 14 grams
External power supply: 15 V (DC)/800 mA
Power consumption: 6W (nominal), less than 0.3W (Standby)
Dimensions (WxH x D): 460 x 183 x 365 mm
Weight: 11 kg
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