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Overview and description of vinyl player Luxman PD-171AL

The Luxman PD-171AL player sounds and looks as perfect as its predecessor of the 1983 model, but it contains modern technologies that perfectly work together with time-tested solutions.
The quality assembly and solid classic design of this device weighing 23 kg is impressive. The aluminum base of the player is "clad" in a decorative frame made of valuable wood. Supported by four adjustable legs of a complex design. The upper part is an aluminum panel 15 mm thick. The main non-inverted Teflon bearing does not require frequent lubrication. On its spindle is put on an aluminum wheel made of aluminum weighing 5 kg. A rubber mat is attached to the top. The set includes knobs that are screwed into this disc, which makes its installation easy and convenient. On the top panel there is a power button, the Start/Stop engine start button, the speed selector, the original stroboscope screen with LED backlight, which together with the two knobs located to the right allows precise adjustment of the rotation speeds (33.3 or 45 rpm). Somewhat unusual is the metal bar located next to the Start/Stop button with an orange backlight, with which even in total darkness it's easy to find the desired track on the plate. Luxman PD-171AL uses a synchronous AC motor with high torque, tamed by a special electronic circuit built on the basis of a microprocessor. The motor communicates with the support disc by means of a sturdy flat belt that is less prone to slipping than conventional circular crossbars. The motor pulley is covered by a hood. There is an acrylic dust cover.
The sound of the Luxman PD-171AL is distinguished by precision, high detail, warmth and sufficient dynamics. This pedigree representative of the vinyl tribe will provide that special charm that has always been inherent in this analogue sound.

Features of the Luxman PD-171AL vinyl player

Convenient and precise adjustment of the speed of rotation
Synchronous AC motor with high torque, controlled by microprocessor
Massive aluminum support disk weighing 5 kg
Original LED lighting
Table with a base under the tonearm SME 9 and 10 inches

Characteristics of vinyl player Luxman PD-171AL

Type of drive: passive
Supported disk rotation speeds: 33.3 and 45 rpm (adjustment: ± 4%)
Switching speeds: electronic, there is an original stroboscope and two separate controls for fine-tuning the speed of rotation
Support disc material: specially machined aluminum
Supporting disc weight: 5 kg
Chassis material: aluminum/wood
Main bearing type: Teflon, non-inverted
Electric motor: synchronous, alternating current, high torque, electronic speed control with microprocessor
Tonarch: no
The detonation coefficient: less than 0.04%
Power consumption: 38 W
Dimensions (HxWxD): 465x195x390 mm (including the dust cover)
Weight: 23 kg

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