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Overview and description of vinyl player ELAC Miracord 90 Anniversary

The Miracord 90 Anniversary player was released by ELAC to celebrate its 90th anniversary. The original model of the ELAC Miracord was released in the 50s of the last century and was very popular among music lovers. However, for modern fans of quality sound, the ELAC brand is associated primarily with Hi-Fi acoustics, so for them the appearance of the Miracord 90 Anniversary vinyl player was a real surprise. The spinner is supplied in three external trim options.
Despite its historical origin, the player has a modern design and meets all the requirements for today's Hi-Fi technology of this class. The device is made on a massive MDF chassis, which has a weight of 5.5 kg and has the necessary inertness to protect the elements mounted on it from external vibrations. Miracord 90 Anniversary is equipped with supports made of silicone rubber, which has excellent anti-vibration properties and provides reliable grip to any surface on which the spinner is installed. The support disc, another important component in the player, designed to combat vibrations, is made of aluminum in the Miracord 90 Anniversary and weighs 6.2 kg. It is mounted on a subdisk, which, in turn, rests on a steel bearing with an 8 mm ruby ​​ball. Bearing glass is made of bronze and manufactured with high precision to exclude vibrations.
The drive motor is mounted on the chassis using a mechanical isolation, which prevents the possible transfer of mechanical energy to other elements of the player. The material (rubber of special composition) for the realization of this decoupling was borrowed from ELAC acoustic systems, where it has already proved its high efficiency and durability. The engine has electronic speed control. Miracord 90 Anniversary is equipped with a tonearm made of carbon fiber, a material that today is one of the most sought after when they are made in high-end vinyl players. The player comes with an already installed MM-type pickup with a precision MicroLine needle, which was manufactured by ELAC by Audio-Technica.

Features of the ELAC Miracord 90 Anniversary vinyl player

Massive chassis from MDF
Aluminum support plate
Electronic speed control
Pre-installed MM-pickup Audio-Technica

Characteristics of the vinyl player ELAC Miracord 90 Anniversary

Speed ​​of rotation of the disc: 33, 45 rpm (electronic control)
 Speed ​​control: +/- 7%
 Chassis: MDF, 5.5 kg
Support plate: aluminum, 6.2 kg, with subdisk, passive drive
Support bearing: steel, bronze glass, ruby ​​ball
Thinorm: carbon fiber
MM-pickup: custom-made (Audio-Technica), needle MicroLine
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