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Overview and description of the Clearaudio Statement vinyl player

The top-of-the-line vinyl player Clearaudio Statement embodies the best technologies and advanced technical solutions of the company. The flagship destroys the existing stereotypes, and its unique innovative design and signature tangential Statement TT1 tonearm provide the highest sound quality. In this model weighing 350 kg combines the true skill and creative approach of developers, as well as careful attention to every detail.
The Clearaudio Statement has a "multi-storey" anti-vibration design. A dynamically balanced support acrylic disc is mounted on a stainless steel flywheel. To fix the vinyl plate, use a metal hoop and a clamp. Below is a 4-beam chassis made of transparent acrylic, to which 4 bases for tonearms are attached, two of which are occupied by a tangential tonearm. The support disc is seated on the main bearing of the floating CFP (Clearaudio floating platter system), which includes an upper sub-disk located under the chassis and equipped with a set of magnets. Below it, at the minimum distance, a second analogous subdisk is installed, which is unwound by an electric motor with the help of a passive. Between the disks there is no physical contact, and the transfer of the moment from one to the other occurs by the strength of the magnetic field generated by the magnets built into them. The electric motor is controlled by a microprocessor.
The acrylic chassis rests on a 4-beam "floating" platform, consisting of two metal layers with a wood anti-resonance bulletproof plate between them. The platform has 4 oil dampers and connects to the spindle shaft of a self-leveling pendulum system. Then follows the steel base for fixing the shaft in the cardan bearing. The DSL-pendulum with dial-type "pancakes" weighs 80 kg and allows the support disk to always keep a strictly horizontal position. Below is a section with an LCD-display (displays the rotation speed), as well as buttons for speed selection and two keys for its optimization in real time. There is also a start button. The player received steel supports and anti-resonance sections, each of which consists of two layers of stainless steel and a wood bullet-proof plate. The legs of the base have spikes with thrusts. Thanks to this design, it was possible to minimize the influence of vibrations.
Clearaudio Statement will not escape any detail of the musical work. The flagship reproduces the material with the utmost precision, detail and reliability, does not color the sound and does not introduce distortion.

Features of the Clearaudio Statement vinyl player

Complex antivibration design, tangential tonearm
Magnetic drive with mechanical isolation of the motor and support disk
Pendulum system for automatic horizontal alignment of the support disk
Fine-tuning the disk rotation speed using a microprocessor

Characteristics of the Clearaudio Statement vinyl player

Drive Type: Passive/Magnetic
Supported disk rotation speeds: 33,3/45/78 rpm
Switching speeds: electronic, push-button, speed control with the help of a microprocessor
Material of discs, chassis and sections: main support disk: antiresonant matt acrylic; basic chassis: transparent acrylic; section: sandwich of two layers of stainless steel and bulletproof wood
Main support disk: stabilized and dynamically balanced, thickness: 98 mm
Drive and bearing system: a non-contacting magnetic system CFP (Clearaudio floating platter system), a patented technology CMB (Ceramic Magnetic Bearing)
Electric motor: low noise, precision, with microprocessor control and high torque
Ability to install up to four different tonearms: yes
Unique pendulum construction: yes
Rotational speed deviation: ± 0,03%
Power supply: external
Power consumption: 8 W; maximum: 19 W
Tonorm, head, clamp and phono stage - available separately
Dimensions (WxHxD): 690x1250x570 mm
Weight: 350 kg

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