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Overview and description of the vinyl player Clearaudio Ovation

In the Ovation vinyl disc player, Clearaudio has implemented many existing advanced technical solutions, as well as new technologies. The chassis of the player has a sandwich structure, and consists of two aluminum plates, between which is a very high density plywood sheet. This plywood is made by pressing from wood under very high pressure, and becomes literally bulletproof. But this was not enough for the engineers of the company to achieve full acoustic inertness of the chassis, so it made a special cavity filled with 100 thousand small steel balls. As a result of the Clearaudio Ovation's chassis, it not only effectively suppresses all vibrations and resonances that may occur during the operation of the turntable mechanism, but also those that could be guided from the outside.
No less original, the engineers of the company decided to place the engine, which, although hidden inside the chassis, was completely mechanically unleashed from it. From the motor shaft, rotation is transferred to an aluminum sub-disk, and then to a support disk made of a composite material based on acrylic. Also in the spinner is used the company precision CMB bearing, the pulley of which is made of polished ceramics, and the case is made of sintered bronze.
The player has all three standard disk rotation speeds. To stabilize them, the Clearaudio Ovation uses the proprietary OSC (Optical Speed ​​Control) technology, which constantly monitors the rotation of the disc with a stroboscopic IR system. To control the operation of the player, there are four illuminated buttons on the right side of the case.
The player rests on vibration-resistant supports, and is easily leveled on any surface. On Clearaudio Ovation, you can install any standard 9-inch tonearm. Externally, the device looks very stylish, thanks to the elegantly rounded corners of the case, and a thoughtful minimalism of exterior design.

Features of the Clearaudio Ovation vinyl player

Three rotational speeds of the disc
Multilayer chassis
For 9-inch tonearms

Clearaudio Ovation vinyl player specifications

Type: vinyl disc player
Switching speed: 33.3, 45 rpm
Supporting disc: combined acrylic, 38 mm
Instability of the disk speed: +/- 0,03%
Dimensions (W x H x D): 420 x 115 x 350 mm
Weight: 13.5 kg (with engine)

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