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Overview and description of the Clearaudio Master Innovation vinyl player

The model represents a new stage in the development of the Innovation series and is based on innovative technical solutions applied in the flagship Statement.
The Clearaudio Master Innovation player embodies an effective design concept. The frame of the device is three-beam platforms placed one above the other, consisting of alternating layers of aluminum and reinforced wood plate Panzerholz, which has excellent antivibration properties.
With the help of a unique magnetic drive, the engineers were able to completely unbind the engine and the upper support disk on which the vinyl plate is mounted and which is untwisted by the force generated by a set of magnets built into the middle and lower rotating parts (disks) separated between each other. As a result, a record low detonation coefficient was achieved, which was expressed in exceptional purity and accuracy of sound.
The bottom platform Clearaudio Master Innovation is equipped with adjustable legs with spikes, supported by round stands. It has a DC motor with speed buttons (33.3, 45 or 78 rpm) and a power button, which is supplied from an external adapter. In the center of the platform there is an inverted bearing with a ceramic ball and a bronze bushing. On its axis is a subdisk of stainless steel with stroboscopic incisions, which are read by the IR sensor. The information is transferred to the engine electronics for speed correction. This is how the optical system OSC works. One more disk (from acryle GS-PMMA or material Delrin) is stacked on top with magnets which is untwisted by the motor with the help of a flat belt.
The "second floor" platform has a pre-installed pad for the tonearm. Its CMB bearing is connected to the disk below it, which interacts with the drive plate of the lower platform in a non-contact way (using magnets). The shaft of this bearing is also equipped with a subdisk of "stainless steel" and a basic support disk 70 mm thick, to which a spindle with an axis for mounting vinyl records is attached.
As a result, it is possible to obtain a stable rotation speed and to get rid of vibrations. It is allowed to install three tonearms simultaneously, including tangential models. The complete set includes the assembly tool, spare пассик, scales, etc.
Clearaudio Master Innovation provides high accuracy, detail, impeccable tonal balance and large-scale volumetric scene. This is a real reference sample, which, unlike the Statement, is more accessible to the average buyer.

Features of the Clearaudio Master Innovation vinyl player

"Two-storey" design with two double layered platforms
Magnetic drive with complete isolation of the motor and upper support disk
The possibility of installing three tonearms, including tangential
Optical speed control OSC

Clearaudio Master Innovation vinyl player specifications

Drive Type: Passive/Magnetic
Supported disk rotation speeds: 33,3/45/78 rpm
Switching speeds: electronic, push-button, OSC (Optical Speed ​​Control) system for monitoring and correcting the rotational speed of the disk
Disc material: main reference disc: antiresonant Delring (polyformaldehyde POM), two drive disks: Delrin (POM) or acrylic GS-PMMA; two subdisks (sub platters): stainless steel; All discs are machined on CNC machines
Main support disk: thickness: 70 mm
Subdisc thickness: 15 mm
Chassis material: aluminum/reinforced wood board Panzerholz
Bearing type of lower platform: inverted, with polished axle, ceramic ball and polished bushing made of sintered bronze
Top platform bearing type: closed, patented technology CMB (Ceramic Magnetic Bearing), polished ceramic axis, magnetic system
Electric motor: low noise, constant current, high torque
Possibility of installing three tonearms: yes
Rotational speed deviation: ± 0,05%
Power supply: external
Power consumption: 9,5 watts (maximum), in standby mode: 2,4 watts
Tonarch is purchased separately
Dimensions (WxHxD): 479x425x485 mm
Weight: 60 kg (without tonearm and power supply unit)

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