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Overview and description of the Clearaudio Innovation vinyl player

The Clearaudio Innovation vinyl player is one of the most exotic models of the German company Clearaudio. It harmoniously combines the design style and the highest quality of sound.
The basic anti-resonance platform of the device is a three-beam cross, consisting of superposed parts, each of which is made on the principle of a sandwich, where the aluminum plates alternate with acrylic. Such a table rests on the surface with the help of three spike legs and the circular supports placed under them. To one of the three sites installed along the edges of the beams, a low-noise DC motor with high torque is attached. The buttons for selecting the rotational speeds of the disc (78, 45 and 33.3 rpm) are located directly on the motor housing. The other two platforms are designed to accommodate tonearms from 9 to 12 inches long. As an option are available branded Unify 9 "or Universal models, as well as MC-cartridges da Vinci V2 or Talismann V2 Gold. In the center of the platform is a hollow polished ceramic axis of the inverted magnetic bearing CBM, on which a glass with a bronze insert is put on. The support disk consists of several sections. The lower section of 15 mm thick is made of stainless steel and processed on CNC machines. The upper main part is a massive 70 mm disc, which can be made of either Delrin (polyformaldehyde POM) or acryl GS-PMMA (in the Innovation Wood version). A spindle is mounted on top to install the vinyl plate. This multi-layer construction contributes to the stability of the rotational speed. A thin silicone belt transfers torque from the motor hub to the main disk. Controls and adjusts the rotation speed of the optical system OSC, which includes an IR sensor attached to the surface of the base of the player, a high-precision reflective stroboscopic scale of the lower section of the disk and a correcting electronic engine circuit.
The power supply is provided by the remote adapter. The Clearaudio Innovation player is equipped with a mounting tool, a stroboscopic disc, a spare belt, a grounding wire, etc.
Depending on the selected tonearm and cartridge, the Clearaudio Innovation soundtrack will vary slightly. To its characteristic properties can be attributed excellent detail and pedantic purity of the sound, as well as a tangible volumetric scene and an exceptional tonal balance.

Features of the Clearaudio Innovation vinyl player

The dual base platform
The possibility of installing two tonearms (9 to 12 inches)
The support disc consists of two parts
Electronic push-button switch of speeds of rotation of a disk

Clearaudio Innovation vinyl player specifications

Drive Type: Passive
Supported disk rotation speeds: 33,3; 45; 78 rpm
Switching speeds: electronic, an OSC system is used, which controls the rotation speed of the disk with the help of an infrared sensor and an electrical circuit
Material of the main reference disc: Delrin (polyformaldehyde) or acrylic GS-PMMA (for Wood version)
Thickness of main support disk: 70 mm
Material of the lower support disc: stainless steel
Thickness of the lower support plate: 15 mm
Chassis material: acrylic/aluminum
main bearing type: inverted, with polished ceramic hollow axle and patented magnetic system (CMB), a glass with a bronze bushing
Electric motor: low noise, alternating current, high torque
Tonorm: optional Clearaudio Unify 9 "or Universal
Model and cartridge type: MC cartridges da Vinci V2 or Talismann V2 Gold are optionally available
Possibility of installing two tonearms: yes
Rotational speed deviation: ± 0,05%
Power supply: external
Tonarch is purchased separately
Dimensions (HxWxD): 479x225x485 mm
Weight: 23 kg (without tonearm and power supply unit)

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