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Clearaudio Concept MM vinyl record review and description

The Bavarian company Clearaudio has something to offer the most demanding adherents of vinyl sound - the Concept model, which became the best player in 2009 according to the opinion of the English magazine “What Hi-Fi?”. The Concept MM version is characterized by an MM cartridge.
The company is positioning this unit as a device that does not require additional adjustment. The magnitude of the downforce of the tonearm, the adjustment of the pickup head, the installation of anti-skating - all this has already been pre-configured at the factory. The player weighs 7.5 kg and has a specially designed antiresonant chassis. The elegant table with rounded edges, which goes around the decorative silver ribbon, looks especially good. Included is a level that allows you to properly adjust the height of the legs to ensure the exact horizontal position of the device relative to the surface. A low-noise DC motor transmits torque to the disc hub using a wide belt. The platter itself, 30 mm thick, is made of rigid and durable polyformaldehyde (POM). A polished spindle made of hardened steel rotates in a bronze bearing bush that has undergone special processing using the sintering process. The choice between the rotational speeds is carried out using a switch that is mounted in the lower left corner of the player's table. 78, 45 and 33.3 rpm are available. The power supply is a separate external adapter. There is also a grounding cord and built-in cable for connecting to the amplifier.

The company draws attention to the fact that the Verify tonearm used in this model is seated on a special magnetic bearing, which almost completely eliminates friction. The distance between the axis and the needle is 222 mm, and the effective length of the arm is 239.3 mm. The model is completed with a precision audiophile cartridge with a moving coil of oxygen-free copper, which weighs 8.4 grams. The shape of the needle corresponds to the type of Micro Line (ellipsoid). If you wish, you can replace the pickup head, however, all settings will have to be done anew. Also applies to tonearm. All this suggests that, if necessary, you can easily upgrade Concept MM.
The Clearaudio Concept MM player impresses with a truly smooth, smooth and transparent sound with a wide and authentic scene that matches the best examples of vinyl sound school.

Clearaudio Concept MM Vinyl Player Features

Verify High-Quality Tonarm with Magnetic Bearing
Clearaudio Concept MM Precision MM Cartridge
30 mm thick platter
Automatic switch of speeds of rotation of a disk

Clearaudio Concept MM Vinyl Player Specifications

Drive Type: Passik
Supported disc rotation speeds: 33.3 rpm, 45 rpm; 78 rpm
Rotational speed switching: automatic
Support disc material: polyformaldehyde (POM)
Main bearing: polished spindle made of hardened steel; bronze bushing that has passed the sintering process; Teflon coated thrust bearing segment
Thickness of a basic disk: 30 mm
Electric motor: DC, on bearings with reduced noise level
Tonarm: Verify (rotary; straight; anti-skating; distance from the axis to the needle - 222 mm; effective length - 239.3 mm; balance range of the cartridge weight: 2.5 - 17 grams)
Cartridge model and type: Concept MM (MM cartridge with oxygen-free copper coil; weight - 8.4 grams; needle shape - Micro Line; recommended downforce - 2 g (+/- 0.2 g); output voltage - 3.3 mV at 5 cm/s; material - aluminum-magnesium alloy with a ceramic layer)
Rotation speed deviation: ± 0.04%
Dimensions (WxHxD): 420x140x350 mm
Weight: 7.5 kg (including motor, tonearm and cartridge)

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