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Speaker pair Polk Audio RT1000i

RT1000i is the smaller of the active systems produced by American Polk Audio. And if the first representatives of RT-series was aimed mainly used in home theatre, updated from "strong", one should expect strong musical achievements. Acoustics has all brand attributes: "laminar" vented port in the bottom, three-layered dome tweeter; of course, used laser calibration membranes. The subwoofer has a narrowband acoustic design - body inside is divided in half by a vertical partition, which is installed LF driver. The system is distinguished by the presence of a linear output, which is useful during the separation of the signal captured subwoofer output of the receiver. Line input, and the level regulator, of course, also present. Note that before turning with linear output, you must remove the jumper with high-voltage terminals. Phase is not inverted. Additional resonator is an element of the system of resonance absorption. On thorns (optionally save parquet) you can wear rubber feet.

A bit like impressionistic manner "letters" RT1000i emphasizes the unity of music. Was not difficult to agree on the low-frequency section of the passive aspect - the volume is turned up by about 10 o'clock gave excellent results: a feeling of fullness LF content does not denied tonal diversity Sredneural wealth. When perfectly tangible deep bass either the bass or cello retains its natural charm. Very nice vocals. Being well-designed, high-frequency attract attention to vivid detail, slightly shading contrasts. RT1000i "painless" endures high amplitude, only slightly reduced transparency at the top. The system copes with the duties front pair in home theater, adequately passing the "small" details sound events. Can "turning up the pressure" when the gun firing from the flanks. It is permissible to watch a movie without additional subwoofer, but certainly, in cooperation RT1000i with "developed" active subwoofer to the "wagon" pleasure will add good "cart" impressions from low enriched components "seismic-on" effects.

There is no reason to talk about genre preferences system: very "impressive" plays RT1000i symphonic classics, elegantly - chamber, aggressive, bright heavy rock. Great for "theater" and will play well in small rooms.

Fig. 1. Frequency Response.

Fig. 2. Frequency Response.

Fig. 3. Nonlinear distortion factor.

Three-way speakers with active subwoofer. Dimensions - 1075x232x346 mm Speakers: 165 mm LF driver with polymer diffuser, 165 mm MF-head polymer membrane, tweeter with 25-mm three-layered dome (aluminum+steel+polymer). Crossover frequencies of 80 Hz and 2 kHz. Rated power bass-amp - 35 W, the recommended power range of the amplifier - 20 to 250 watts. Magnetic shielding. Legs, spikes.

AFC passive section perfectly balanced: low average uneven. Looks great area of high frequencies. The sensitivity of the tweeter slightly increased (by 0.7 dB relative to the sensitivity on average). Family subwoofer frequency response shows the result of the action of the volume control signal is very carefully varies the bass level. Poslesvecheniya slightly. Spatial homogeneity field high (column sebenarnya even at extremely high frequencies). With a low level of harmonic distortion in the most part of the range are confused by the local increase SOI 650 Hz; but very little harmonic Sora gives the woofer, and very pure plays a tweeter.

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