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Speaker pair Mirage FRx Nine

"Nine", executed in classical manner: isolated MF/HF-section, LF block decorated reflex. Housing is relatively easy. 200-mm LF driver is installed on the sidebar and is closed by a metal grid. Line input from the system do not, but pre strengthened by the additional amplifier's low-frequency signal can be fed to the high-voltage terminals removed the jumpers (bass - and lower switching couple, the rest - on the top). For theatre without a separate subwoofer "nine" should be used with AV receiver has the function of Both (submission of "full" signal on the front speakers). There are equalizer and level control. Like all systems of series FRx, heads Nine equipped with magnetic shielding.

In light of the low-frequency depths FRx Nine were very cautious. With this circumstance is connected with many advantages of the system, which incidentally can be attributed to its relative compactness. This is a good full floor speakers who without unjustified "attacks" in depth pure play any music. In other words, promotion of low-frequency section, there seems to be aimed at increasing the "musicality" bass. In the modern forms with deep satisfaction is made of elastic dynamic. Expressive work of the Symphony. Very convincing tartness brass, fragrant bass. A little simpler, as "deaf" rumbling bass drum. From the soul "revealed" system in the middle: picturesque, however, clearly transmits it timbre diversity of instrumental sound, allows you to delve into thin intonation nuances of the human voice, is well settled parts of polyphony. Color tactfully refreshing cool tones. Image of the space comfortable, very comfortable in it are placed chamber shape. Working Nine as front pair is quite adequate to the requirements 5.1. Without additional subwoofer most "catastrophic" effects are not mind-boggling properly, but the system is excellent "deepens" space in the flanks, which greatly contributes to the development of the effect of involvement. Note that in the series have a proper acoustics of the Central channel.

FRx Nine in all respects is a great musical acoustics. In the home cinema relatively small depth of bass system non-critical, but for uncompromising views "fundamental" low frequency effects better to mean the acquisition of independent Saba. As theatrical front 5.1 nine is the perfect solution.

The adjustments panel and network block posted.

Fig. 1. Frequency Response.

Fig. 2. Frequency Response.

Fig. 3. Nonlinear distortion factor.

Three-way speakers with active low-pass section. Dimensions - 1016x175x335 mm Speakers: 200-mm LF driver, 165 mm MF-head with polypropylene cone tweeter with 19 mm metal dome. The crossover frequency to 100 Hz to 2 kHz. Rated power bass-amp - 100 W, the recommended power range of the amplifier-15-200 watts. Magnetic shielding. Bi-wiring/bi-amping. Legs, spikes.

In response passive section is fixed light the trend of increase of sensitivity with increasing frequency. Weak local fluctuations of custody, especially at medium frequencies. Equalizer in a relatively small within adjusts the slope edge of recession - the system is well set up and are allowed only slight clarification. With good spatial homogeneity of the field at the tonal system is very accurate characterization, measured at an angle of 45 degrees. Poslesvecheniya practically absent. In the whole range of harmonic small; the scale of the local peaks in the bass is not too big; poorly the system reacts to increase the signal level from 88 to 94 dB.

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