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Speaker pair KRK e8t

American company KRK Systems is engaged exclusively monitors, although there are a couple range of subwoofers. Model Expose E8T (advanced Expose E8x) monitor is the top melee. The housing has an unusual form - hexagonal, with strongly rounded edges. Adjacent to the front of the chassis is almost entirely left to the radiator, giving AU original form. Inverted dome 25mm tweeter is made of a material "Tioxid 5" having the ease and durability of titanium. 200mm midrange / woofer equipped polikevlarovym polished with a soft rubber cone suspension. Each driver is loaded on your amplifier: high - 120W subwoofer - 160 watts. Crossover frequency separation provides a new design.

This model has the ability to fill the sound is pretty big room. KRK couple plays big, freely, openly. Overall tonal balance of the music image is correct, but some speakers are inferior to other models of the review on balance, fidelity, musical voices. Pretty deep, high energy tone bass speaker may appeal to fans of rock, contemporary pop forms. On the classical music programs in the bass sometimes bugged shade of color. In the high register is a " lightweight metalized " and a tendency to mitigate the articulation parts of phonograms. Dynamic range KRK narrowed by a withdrawal mikrodinamicheskogo layer: column "swinging" only on medium, and then the softest parts come out of the shadows and get the right idea. Compared to other systems compilation model stands high energy sound.

The hexagonal shape of the body of acoustic systems make it possible to the side edges of the radiator cooling, giving appearance of originality.

Fig. 1. Frequency Response.

Fig. 2. Nonlinear distortion factor.

AFC column shows a steep rise in lowercase (these speakers lower bound on the level is -10 dB at 34 Hz, which is the best result of the test) and good linearity characteristics. This is confirmed by the results of calculations and uneven imbalance - the KRK at low frequencies (below 100 Hz), the best results for these indicators. Thus, the imbalance in the range of 160 Hz - 1.3 kHz generally zero. A non-uniformity in this area was only 0.34. Our experts also pointed out by the sound of a good deep bass generated by these speakers. AFC on the chart all quite well up to 1.5 kHz. After this start mark with small fluctuations in amplitude couple of decibels. However, after 13-14 kHz response is declining, which is 20 kHz is more than 5 dB. AFC taken at different angles repeated painting decline at high frequencies on the sound of it can be reflected in the loss of fine details of phonograms. Although indicators of uneven and CED when measured at an angle of 30 degrees are quite good. Looking at the chart THD, low signal data loudspeakers just contraindicated, distortions are very large, but with increasing signal level CED main band (100 Hz - 20 kHz) is reduced from 0.83 % to 0.5 %. Nevertheless, the high-frequency region is still enough "gash", so evident in the sound of AC paint, just in the HF band.

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