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Speaker pair Genelec HT208

The appearance of the line Home theater (HT) reaction Genelec to the increased interest of the people to its products. A number of points clearly indicates "dual focus" systems: the presence of RCA inputs single-ended signal (symmetric arrives on XLR), security grills, excellent finishes natural light veneered cherry. Woofer radiates 210 mm cone (loaded on two low-noise slot port PHI), tweeter - 25-mm metal dome (closed metal mesh). Corporate mouthpiece Directivity Control Waveguide devices DCW™) sharpens the focus in the upper line and reduces the proportion of reflected sound in an integrated manner. Strengthening the strips of the same - 2x120 W. Rear metal panel is spring-loaded, probably for vibromassage electronic circuits (sound pressure levels HT208B develops a lot of). Configure the model branched: you can change the input sensitivity, low and high (by 2 dB), the lower cutoff frequency (decline by 40 Hz). An important advantage is power management. There is Auto. The system can be operated remotely: via trigger DC-input or input (12 V) for external switch/relays.

The sound of the Finnish system is quite unusual: it is characterized by ultra-high detail over the entire frequency range. This HT208 have a powerful dynamics. Strikes accurate portrayal microamplifier relief. Bass speakers could "compete" with many napolniteli. In the view tonal nuances records HT208 sometimes frighteningly true: rarely what acoustics could previously access to such tonal depth of familiar phonograms. The flip side of these "revelations" - that sound Genelec sometimes seems comfortable: it concentrates, attracts the attention of the listener. But to this quickly, succumbing to the influence of skilled sound of filigree. HT208 - universal, high-class acoustics that can easily speak even a large room.

Level adjustment within narrow limits.

Discrete control of the steepness of the slope and the cutoff frequency of the low-pass filter allow to reconcile the acoustics Genelec HT208 room.

Fig. 1. Frequency Response.

Fig. 2. Nonlinear distortion factor.

Measurement Finnish systems pleasing to the eye as much as their sound pleasing to the ear. AFC Genelec HT208B almost perfect. Plot 60-1 kHz to utter calm and perfect the horizon. Higher - up to 20 kHz is only the slightest ripple. It's a fantastically high, one might say, a record tonal purity Finnish speakers! Surprisingly, when measured at 30 degrees from the acoustic axis orientation't even small and simply missing (proof of the effectiveness of technology DCW). Column is clearly respond to commands way Eqs.

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