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Speaker pair Genelec 8020AS

More than 20 years Genelec creates professional studio monitors for audio and video editing. The ideology of the Finnish company is a clear adherence to scientific principles of acoustic design in all of its research and development. As a result, Genelec has achieved a leading position in this field. Model 8020A - the smallest monitor (short-range) in the line of two-way monitors. Column body is made of high-strength aluminum MDE technologies to reduce sound diffraction. 19mm metal dome tweeter is recessed in a shallow horn DCW, providing optimum directional pattern. Diffuser 105mm midrange / woofer has a concave shape and long-stroke suspension, expanding low- range drivers. On each band allotted 20 -watt amplifier with an active crossover.

Despite its modest size, the speaker of the famous Finnish markka produce unexpectedly mature and fairly low bass. Genelec spacious sound, even scale. He gives an example of an almost perfect tonal balance. Structure of almost any musical material listened to a considerable depth. Musical sounds are transmitted very carefully, correctly. It is important to remember that the Genelec 8020a is a classic near-field monitors and listening distance should be no more than 1.5-2 m (or less). Trying to get a "big" sound with the standard distance (3-4 m) can lead to an overload of the speakers, especially at peak levels (which sometimes took place during the examination). The latter is a standard feature of the speaker, and not his fault. Speakers can be placed on the table (on the company's stand), Genelec has provided compensation function arises in this case lifting bass.

To adjust the frequency response of the speakers used the dip-switches on the rear panel.

All connectors are directed downwards and provide easy connection of cables.

Fig. 1. Frequency Response.

Fig. 2. Nonlinear distortion factor.

Finnish speakers we just hit its frequency response. If up to 400 Hz schedule still has a small "notch" after 400 Hz to 3 kHz, and it is generally almost perfect line! Here it is, a real studio sound! Without embellishment of certain frequencies and with the right tone! Even after 3 kHz where you start small fluctuations dates behaves very, very well, the amplitude of the "waves" of no more than 2 dB. Genelec achieved the best (or as close to it) results in terms of average unevenness and imbalance throughout the frequency range! For example, an imbalance in the range 1,3-20 kHz was only 0.02 dB! The stunning result! No less impressive was the frequency response, taken at an angle of 30 degrees - it is not very different from the characteristics, taken on the axis listening. Indicator of the average non-uniformity in this case amounted to only 0.85 dB ! Measuring THD also showed very good results, mainly in low range and average signal level is the best in the test (0.32 % and 0.23 %, respectively). With increasing levels of up to 94 dB THD increases to 0.47 %, and the speakers start to reboot, which was seen by the sound of our experts. Schedule THD up to 100 Hz is far from perfect, but after this value it is winding down and leveled. Lower frequency limit was set at 57 Hz.

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