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Speaker pair Event ASP 8

American (CA) Event Electronics Company produces monitor speakers for small professional and home studios. Production company is widely known. From monitors Event 20/20bas sound F. Buckley flatten soundtrack for which he won Grammy. ASP8 - top model lineup ASP (Active Studio Precision; still have a series of PSP - Passive Studio Precision). The model is equipped with a woofer 200 mm polypropylene cone (driver works on two round front port) and a soft dome tweeter. Both heads have a neodymium magnet systems, magnetically shielded; Tweeter ferrofluid cooled. Strengthening organized with significant superiority in the bottom: LF/HF - 200/80 watts. The power supply costs low noise high quality toroidal transformer, the circuit - elements used in the production of audio equipment. Allowed adjustment of the input sensitivity in the range of 20 dB (maximum level of 1.1 V RMS), you can raise or lower the level of the bass below 400 Hz (-3 to +3 dB) and high above 2.6 kHz (-3 to +3 dB). There is a button to activate the filter High Pass (2nd order), which establishes the lower frequency limit of 80 Hz, for example, to transfer low bass subwoofer. Signal is fed to both balanced and unbalanced inputs (XLR, TRS). ASP8 body made of 19 mm MDF and well damped.

When playing a variety of records columns manages to remain neutral in the best sense. Sound portrait "brush" Event ASP8 perfectly drawn. Columns as easy to reconcile detachment studio sound with emotional home. They do not resort to exaggerated detailing, but the tone, dynamic and spatial structure of a musical fabric perfectly tapped. Only in the high register there is a slight decrease in tone permission. Among the advantages of the model - a deep, well-designed, agile bass, high dynamic potential. This model is quite versatile voice capable medium-sized room.

Besides smooth adjustments, there are low-pass filter.

Fig. 1. Frequency Response.

Fig. 2. Nonlinear distortion factor.

ASP8 inverts rectangular. We found no negative impact on the sound of this fact. AFC looks quite safely. Seen only a very slight rise in the bass (65Hz) and the interval 10-16 kHz (small "ozonation" HF-sensitive). Decline after 16 kHz not sharp, to 20 kHz (almost inaudible), the amplitude is only slightly below the level of midrange, so the feeling of high deficit does not arise. Sound orientation appears very weak at 30°, 60° declares itself (significant decline starting from 300 Hz).

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