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Speaker pair Event ASP 6 Studio

The range of the American Event Electronics 4 line of monitors and a subwoofer. All monitors have a similar appearance: black, two speakers (mid/bass and tweeter), one or two round reflex port on the front panel. Studio Precision series is the flagship, which has incorporated the latest achievements. The model considered ASP 6 differs from the older ASP model only 8 smaller midrange/woofer and housing. Diffuser 162 mm mid/bass driver is made of propylene with mineral filler. High-temperature voice coil allows you to confidently deal with peak power. 25mm silk dome tweeter with ferrofluid cooled. In column uses two amplifier: 200 watts for the midrange/woofer, 80W for the tweeter. With regulators can control the sensitivity of the input high-and low-pass filters.

AU forms a well-balanced, expressive, surround sound image. Smooth, rich bass and mid slightly contrasted with the upper case - slightly dry, a little "with sand", with small tonal irregularities and less dynamic. Sound level resolution in the bass is slightly lower; while the upper section is very sensitive speakers are collected correctly, clearly. Speaker reproduces any music openly liberated, filling, colorful. On recordings of symphonic classics, organ concerts revealed a significant overall dynamic resource model. Subtly, even elegantly, tonally fairly sound chamber shape. Particularly impressive Event presents a solo vocal track (male and female). According to the level of spatial localization of sound sources other speakers slightly inferior columns review.

The front panel of these two speakers specially designed reflex port, the length of the waveguide which exceeds the depth of the column itself.

Fig. 1. Frequency Response.

Fig. 2. Nonlinear distortion factor.

The low-frequency region of the frequency response of these speakers do not have a pronounced "shelves", which can be seen from many speakers. Conversely, no embellishments bass from 100 Hz to 1 kHz curve is minimal fluctuations in large and downwards. After 1 kHz on the chart clearly visible characteristics of a smooth decrease by 4-5 dB, after which it leveled and again on the decline, but much less. In the high-frequency range from 10 kHz curve has a minimum amplitude that ensures accurate high frequency range, although our experts sound small tonal irregularities were still seen. When removing the frequency response at angles of 30 and 60 degrees marked drop characteristics. Average unevenness at an angle of 30 degrees made 3.28 dB. Measuring imbalance showed slightly better results: -5.25 dB (also at an angle of 30 degrees). The lower boundary frequency speaker was fixed at 46 Hz. Schedule CED spectacular prosperity. The low-frequency region, as expected, compounded emissions distortion, but nothing really criminal in this, quite a common pattern for bookshelf speakers. Better results, as in previous columns, were at a moderate level for basic range (distortion - 0.24 %) and at a high level signal 94 dB for the subwoofer area - 1.78 %.

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