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Speaker pair ESI nEar 05 Experience

The company ESI specializes in production of equipment for professional and Amateur audio studios-based computer: - in cards, peripherals, active acoustics etc. in Addition to nEar 05 Experience in the catalog of firms, there are several speakers with amplifier on Board, including the subwoofer. Bass/midrange driver NEar 05 has a 125-mm Kevlar cone, coil, resistant to high temperatures. RF head emits 25-mm silk dome diaphragm, damped for the prevention of resonances and magnetoabrasive. Port PHI is back. The strengthening of the bands allocated to the predominance bottom: 40 and 30 W LF and HF. Switching: two symmetric input, XLR and TRS (Jack). Allowed to work and unbalanced diagram: signal can be fed to TRS connector. Protection of radio frequencies, over-current and over temperature. Mode power management AUTO power on when a signal is received) is missing; the power led on the bezel around the woofer, above. Housing nEar 05 Experience - MDF, is strengthened inside the ties, laminated wear black film. Pets only adjustment total volume knob on the back). In the box with the model attached sheet response in the range 100-20 Hz. The chart looks very decently - almost horizontal straight line.

Sound nEar 05 Experience modest in total energy. Sound image of the model is obtained chamber. Compact systems do not have deep bass - bottom limited to 60 Hz (according to passport). But the remaining part of the register column is passed correctly enough. The middle part of the range is very well balanced tone is heard when playing back any acoustic music, high worse, causing lack of sharpness, articleroulette treble parts. Speakers play great vocal, chamber music. With the reduction of the audience listening to a distance of 1-1,5 m deficit dynamics disappears. nEar 05 excellent fit into a multimedia system, acoustics decent quality of the signal with a cool sound card. The pair 05-x plus subwoofer (line of ESI) is a good option.

On the scale of level control two marks.

Fig. 1. Frequency Response.

Fig. 2. Nonlinear distortion factor.

AFC looks quite safely. General imbalance minimum. Sharp peak at 900 Hz and crevice 12 kHz quite narrow, and therefore is not listening. The high-pass part of the graph confirms the passport boundary 60 Hz in the bass. Direction to 30 degrees and 60 degrees is evident from 8 kHz. Graphics shot at angles from the acoustic axes in the lower high (1 to 8 kHz), repeat outlines each other, then tonal pattern of the image will be stable. Rectangular pulse model is typical for systems with instruments located on the back wall.

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