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Photos and specs Speaker pair Energy Audissey APS 5+2

Speaker pair Energy Audissey APS 5+2

The luxurious dimensions, a huge mass (almost prantner in a column), a record number of drivers in front of us, the flagship Audissey - APS 5+2. Two high-frequency and two midrange head form a bipolar configuration: rear panel installed additional treble and midrange drivers pairs coaxially placed on the front. The aim is to achieve maximum spatial homogeneity of the field. Production bass charged 200-mm speakers with conical membranes and 200-mm as passive radiators placed on the side panels. Provided input line. There are equalizer changing nature of border recession, and a required level control. You can change the phase of radiation.

"The big ship - the big swimming". Bass APS 5+2 strong as weightlifter, and spacious, as a concert hall, which gives full freedom symphonic sound. Moreover, the sensation of low frequency of wealth occurs when pen equalizer is on neytralke. However, in this condition sometimes like more clarity in the design of rapid change levels, I want to get a better feel "beater" big barrels. But it is enough to slightly turn the handle to the left. However, very organic "penetrates" the bass in the way symphonic forms that should probably thank the excellent dynamic resolution at low frequencies - the system keeps attention to even the slightest changes of the amplitude, not "cuts off" capricious topic basses at its "movement" at the very "bottom" of the dynamic range. Adjust the subwoofer unit is very effective and give "friendly" changes that greatly simplifies the configuration process. Good dynamic resource system - how active and passive aspects. With excellent tonal balance of the image is still in its flavour slightly dominated by warm tones. But extremely effective audioprojektai space. The scene in the measure has been removed, is well recognized by the plans. Note that when using the APS as a theatrical front should take responsibility for the choice of speakers center channel is "too small" in the sense low frequency capabilities are obviously not suitable. The system impressive confidently shows the scale of the "global" sound event, be it the death of the ocean liner, earthquake or movement herd of prehistoric monsters.

Excellent dynamic capabilities canadian bipolaron eliminate the negative consequences of the peculiarities of tonal organization sound image, taken as a legitimate identity (comfortable soft sound) and provide the full versatility of the system. The more so deep bass at Audissey - more than enough. Fair "to destroy talents" system, placing the speakers in a small room. Additional subwoofer for cinema is not necessary.

Maximum equalizer is seriously.

Fig. 1. Frequency Response.

Fig. 2. Frequency Response.

Fig. 3. Nonlinear distortion factor.

Bipolar three-way speakers with active subwoofer. Dimensions - 1150x230x400 mm, weight - 44,5 kg Dynamics: 203-mm LF head and 203-mm passive heat sink, two 140mm midrange and two tweeters with 25-mm aluminium domes. The crossover - 90 Hz 1.8 kHz. Rated power of a low frequency amplifier 150W, the recommended power range of the amplifier - 30-300 watts. Bi-wiring/bi-amping. The spikes.

The system is able to learn a record number of electrical energy. AFC passive section has high stability against the background of the General trend of slow decrease the sensitivity with increasing frequency - sensitivity in the first upper octave is a couple dB lower than in the lower mid. Judging by the family of the frequency response of the subwoofer on the bottom right of the handle position EQ system will guarantee a proper representation of the lower bass. Speakers natural (as bipolar) create a very homogeneous in space field. Regardless of signal amplitude, nonlinear distortions are small in wide frequency range; only the bass and in the lower mid-harmonic slightly elevated.

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