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Speaker pair B&W DM 605 S2

Three-way DM 605 S2 belongs to the series of acoustics reputable British company - DM S2, representing the result of a substantial modification of the well-known DM in which active acoustics was not. In 605 S2, like all systems of this series, applied a number of developments undertaken in the top vosniadou series B&W. In particular, is the "Nautilus" tweeter with exponential waveguide as clearance. Coupled enable bass with light and hard diffusers strengthened corporate Kevlar pulp - improve efficiency and reduce non-linearity at low frequencies. There is a line input. Radiation levels and lower cutoff frequency change of discrete controls. Can "expand" phase. Have separate switching midrange and treble aspects of the system.

Install all regulators approximately in the middle position gave great "music" result: absolutely continuous, without flaw unity of all mid-range "particulars" and very competent, relief, elastic low frequencies. Recognizable "focus" powerful bass 605 S2 is a very strong argument in favour of using the activity in the lower part of the range speakers. No less strong argument - excellent cleanliness of all the bass register. British couple always give a large-scale image of the scene, and for this it is not required to sacrifice the "correct" sound proportions between individual instrumental groups. No "innuendo", no tone "distortions" and when loudness changes significantly. Feel "generous nature", add a drop of adrenaline in the blood helps the faintest emphasis on high frequencies, not destructive, thanks to an exclusive transparency of the upper layer, the feeling of "naturalness" of musical events. In the theater was easy to establish cooperation with various "centres". Very handy came here and good musicality system, which, no interfering with eye-catching design of large-scale battle scenes, save for the viewer-the listener to the depths of nuances, shaded music. Of course, for theatrical purposes, you can talk about the use of additional subwoofer, but, first, have to use only ten percent of his abilities, and secondly, even the 10% can be quite unnecessary for "cultural" hearing, especially in small spaces.

There is no question of universality DM 605 S2 - this applies both to purely "musical"and "theatre" applications. Tonal organization sound gives bright and however well-coordinated way. The system is surely plays a very rich classics.

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Fig. 1. Frequency Response.

Fig. 2. Frequency Response.

Fig. 3. Nonlinear distortion factor.

Three-way speakers with active low-pass section in the design vented type. Dimensions - 1000x236x450 mm, weighs 31 kg Dynamics: two 180-mm LF driver with kevlarilluminati cones, 180-mm MF-head with Kevlar cone, RF head with 26 mm aluminium dome. The crossover - 230 Hz, 4 kHz. Rated power of a low frequency amplifier 130 watts, the recommended power range of the amplifier - 25-200 Bi-wiring/bi-amping. The spikes.

The AU has a record high sensitivity. AFC Sredneural aspect is perfectly balanced, it can be noted only a very slight increase sensitivity in the upper part of the range. I would like to note the low orientation of the tweeter in all working range. The lower cut-off frequency and the level of radiation woofer change discretely. Family subwoofer frequency response illustrates the effect of the regulator bandwidth and demonstrates excellent quality bass driver. After the sound little. Remarkably low harmonic distortion frequency heads, weak distortions on the bass; only in the middle of their planned a slight rise.

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