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Photos and specs Speaker pair Boston Acoustics VR975

Speaker pair Boston Acoustics VR975

The tall "towers" Lynnfield VR975 American Boston Acoustics rare abundance emitters - five on the column. However, devoid of its own "engine" 305-mm membrane on the side belongs passive radiator, redistributive energy 250 mm active start at the lower end of the frequency range. MF-pair inside blocked independent decoration, as well as the tweeter. Sturdy MDF-body shrouded in black "stocking" (tie strings - patent under the top cover and two plastic bearing columns give some similarities... with cruise missiles. The subwoofer is activated automatically when the useful signal and goes into standby mode when the 15-minute his absence. The power switch is displayed on the bottom - turn on and forget. Slider is provided only manage low frequency output, but there is a line input. Congestion in LF channel "follows" the proprietary system BassTrac.

Optimal for musical purposes tonal balance was achieved in the position for about 10 o'clock. In this state, the bass is deep, powerful, but also tactful - allowing you to experience the beyond for our auditory system of depth, it does not prevent the mid frequencies to show themselves in. In the "hearing" of the range it simple, easy-going, very comfortable. Perhaps only the lower registers slightly stretched. But the bass is with all its merits and in extremely hard power modes. Good tonal balance of the image as a whole, with the developed rich bass gives the feeling soft sound - in the sense of lack of unhealthy emphasis, "sharps" and "sarcasm". The manner of transmission medium, thanks to their excellent dynamics and high frequency resolution, strongly associated with the noble dignity. Generally sound VR975 differs excellent visibility into the entire spectral array from top to bottom. The system gives a clear sense of depth of space. Note that when installing columns can not be afraid to make a wider stereo sound - spatial effects will be richer without prejudice front of the homogeneity of the scene.

Screen tests showed that VR975 able decent way to work out the most "severe" low-frequency cinematic effects and benefits from additional subwoofer, generally speaking, no... Perhaps shots and explosions could use a little more sharpness.

Excellent musical abilities "Boston" natural provide him genre versatility. Convincing and comfortable Symphony. I want to emphasize the beauty and correct expression powerful bass. Stock on strengthening huge - perhaps in more or less real living conditions will ever need to Unscrew the handle up to the stop.

Power switch - on and forget.

Fig. 1. Frequency Response.

Fig. 2. Frequency Response.

Fig. 3. Nonlinear distortion factor.

Three-way speakers with active low-pass section. Dimensions - 1226x290x385 mm, weight - 32 kg Dynamics: 305-mm of a passive heatsink, 250 mm LF driver, two 115-mm midrange with polymeric membranes, tweeter with 25-mm aluminum dome. The crossover - 150 Hz to 2.5 kHz. Rated power bass-amp - 125 watts. Recommended power range of the amplifier-15 to 250 watts. Magnetic shielding. The spikes.

The system has a very high sensitivity. AFC MF/HF-aspect has good stability against the background of weak monotonous rise with increasing frequency. Columns create the space-homogeneous field. Characteristics of the subwoofer demonstrates long stretch almost constant sensitivity, including the intervals upper, middle and lower bass. At the far right position control knob WOOFER enhance sensitivity on the segment between 50 and 150 Hz exceeds the average by almost 20 dB. Poslesvecheniya very weak. Harmonic bit early starts to grow in the bass region, but the record-low harmonic distortion in the rest of the range.

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