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Photos and specs Speaker pair Boston Acoustics CR65

Speaker pair Boston Acoustics CR65

CR65 - one of the older models of the newly upgraded series acoustics Compact Reference. In a specific form of technocratic reflected a combination of modern design aesthetics and high technology manufacturing. Lightweight plastic speaker design is well thought out: The front and rear panel is rigidly tied to each other. All speakers are shielded. Built on a tiny, but powerful neodymium magnet tweeter equipped with radiator - for removing excess heat from magnetic shielding cap head when used in extreme loud mode (plate - radiator can be seen through the reflex port). Peak power of 100 W for a small head - a serious test. Speakers can be hung on the wall with screws or hooks - for the device provided mounting hole.

The sound system show bright personality - in the context of the comparison of models of test collections, anyway. Her interpretive manner, causing a wide range of diverse emotions in a way you can even call it extravagant. The predominance of high, is not in itself a rare systems in this category, here is largely perceived as an emotional enrichment of the musical image, and therefore the term "cold color" does not seem entirely appropriate characteristic of it, although essentially correct. The sound is magnificent, overflowing detail, like a tart. High frequency details themselves are very distinct and are kept clean at all times. At the sound of the musical elements are summarized upper bass that suggests the existence of low-frequency foundation. Medium -being depends on the volume and the content of the records in the LF component. Volume at a comfortable mid- perceived neatly groomed. At high amplitudes appears as though synthetic coloring the sound of live instruments; less impact on the volume of the vocal quality, the sound of the electronic instruments. On the fragments with a high content of low-frequency mid adrenaline starts to lose noticeably high in purity. Quality characteristics of the stage space also depends on the signal level. By all indications, it is optimal for comfortable volume CR65.

CR-65 can be considered as a stereo pair with the original musical performing style, the most adequate rigid musical styles. Note that in a well-anechoic room (room with an abundance of soft furniture) sound system will be much softer. Good option rear theater acoustics; excellent solution for multimedia.

Rear panel.

Two-way reflex speakers. Dimensions - 260x162x206 mm. Speakers: 135mm bass/Woofer driver with a polymer membrane, RF head with a 19mm soft dome. Crossover Frequency - 4.2 kHz. Peak power - 100 watts. Nominal impedance - 8 ohms. Magnetic shielding. Suspended Installation.

The system has good sensitivity - 91.5 dB. Note that one of the highest values of the lower frequency limit in the test (85.7 Hz) due to a local roll-off frequency of about reflex tuning, slightly underestimates the real potential of the bass. Throughout the operating range of the sensitivity increases smoothly with increasing frequency at a pace of about 1 dB per octave; imbalance resulting from the high to the average is 2 dB. In the midrange recorded small after sound. On the chart CED attract attention multiples (even order) peaks, the amount of which varies with the amplitude of the test signal; however, very clean high, distortion here record low.

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