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Speaker pair Audio Pro Blue Diamond

All in Swedish Blue Diamond from the series Image arouses interest to the owner so expressive and promising name and authority Swedish Pro Audio, and fine polishing under "piano lacquer" heavy and strong, like basalt, housing, and extraordinary design, and high technology. In "Blue diamonds" applied famous brand control system parameters LF transducer - ACE-Bass, efficiently manage the quality of the woofer. Speaker system can be connected to high-voltage and low-amplitude outputs tract. There is a level control signal on the line input, which is useful if you need to remove the voltage from the output of the preamplifier. Handle "Master Level" change the volume when connecting the subwoofer to the high voltage output amplifier. Note just in case that the polished surface "Diamonds" are extremely sensitive to the touch of the fingers and needs constant care.

The system belongs to the category of those representatives of the "subwoofer" acoustics that even when completely disabled the active partition create quite Mature in the sense of the fullness of the low-frequency content of the sound image. Picturesque where something good even aggressive this image. Very impressive, lush sound in the wind instruments, stringed. Negative consequences little attention system to the bottom the top is almost completely removed excellent dynamics and a good clean image.

Focus on the details moderately deep bass. For adequate activate the subwoofer took time. A little twisted the handle and thick wall bass covers all the content of the lower middle, not docruise - and low-frequency flesh leaves salt and life-giving moisture. But still, when the arrow regulator stopped about 12 o'clock, happened a long-awaited miracle of complex musical mass suddenly vylepil sound live contrabasso strings; and even when it "pinch" periodically put characteristic "plug" in the ear, like a rainbow played free middle. Wonderfully listenable jazz, effectively and bright symphonic classics. An indelible impression in the performance of the system rock compositions. "Diamonds" excellent effect of low-frequency theatrical effects, and in this capacity can equally compete with almost any independent subwoofer. With volume control here you can go much bolder.

Applying the acoustics in small rooms for purely musical goals, indeed, may not include active woofer. If there is a need for a deep musical bass, by setting the subwoofer must be treated responsibly, and in this case it is better to slightly short of low frequencies. When the competent configuring Blue Diamond will create expressive adequate musical image of a work of any genre.

For the quality of the woofer, following feedback.

Fig. 1. Frequency Response.

Fig. 2. Frequency Response.

Fig. 3. Nonlinear distortion factor.

Three-way speakers with active low-pass section. Dimensions - 1000x260x430 mm, weight - up 27.4 kg Dynamics: 220-mm LF driver with diffuser made of cellulose, a 140 mm MF-head with a rubber diaphragm tweeter is a 19mm) silk dome. The crossover - 550 Hz to 3.2 kHz. Rated power bass-amp - 150 W power passive section - 150 watts. Nominal impedance is 4 Ohms. The spikes.

The system has high sensitivity and is capable to voice almost the entire audible output part of hearing range. Frequency response, measured with off active sections, corresponding to the characteristic "full" floor-standing speakers. Sensitivity in areas of high frequencies and upper mid somewhat increased in comparison with the sensitivity in the rest of the range. Family AFC active aspect, measured at different positions of level control, illustrates the high efficiency of the appropriate adjustments. For small values of harmonic distortion in the main part of the operating range, the system also one of the best.

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