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Speaker pair Athena Technologies S.5

S.5 is a new series of Point 5 of the Canadian Athena Technologies. The series is essentially a full acoustic set for a compact home theater, where S.5 assigned function universal satellite. Besides her, in Point 5 includes a center speaker (C.5) and subwoofer (P.5). The system has a very complicated structure. Tweeter dome head is made of composite material corporate - teterona. The body is made of 12 mm MDF- plates of variable density - to reduce harmful vibrations excitation efficiency wall decoration. Speakers are available with either black or with silver faceplates. Generally, miniature S.5 have very noble appearance, very attractive from the point of view of the organization of home theater complex. Each speaker has its own individual decorative masochki and magnetically. The possibility of using surface-mounting bracket firm, allowing almost randomly oriented columns in the space.

S.5 sound character is difficult to find a brief exhaustive characterization. Definitely color shifted to higher frequencies. It is particularly suited to the representation of high-frequency detail underlies identity sonic portrait of the system. High relief, even bulky, with a little dry shade. Not feeling as if all of the high convexity of the array, and this effect is consistently monitored for any music program and is not uniquely identified with the typical effects of the corresponding tone imbalance. Perceived fresh... With the growth of high volume become more aggressive, growing emphasis on the consonants in the voices of violins and brass appears harsh metal. The lower part of the spectrum, rather, only guessed, staying behind the scenes. But it would be wrong to demand such a tiny pair of circles that audiolyubiteley called bass. However, when operating in a reasonable acoustic modes gromkostnyh all the speakers produce at the lower boundary of its own range (lower middle - grade) sounds clean. All goes well in the midrange - here too neatly and without emotion.

S.5 as using and frontal and rear pairs, in a small room, you can build a very good home theater, while the rest is reasonable to focus on the components of the 5 Point. We advise to pay close attention to the compact system and those who are to complete the construction of the theater left to pick up only the sound of tiny air rear. When the subwoofer (P.5, for example), the pair confidently cope with musical programs.

Device for wall bracket.

Two-way reflex speakers. Dimensions - 220x145x160 mm, weight - 2.7 kg. Speakers: 100mm bass/Woofer-head with polymer cone, HF-head with 25-mm dome membrane made of teterona. Crossover - 2 kHz. Peak power - 100 watts. Nominal impedance - 8 ohms. Magnetic shielding. Hinged installation.

System Sensitivity - 90.4 dB/W/m. Value of the lower cutoff frequency - 68 Hz. Despite the fact that the average flatness factor is slightly increased (± 2,9 dB), mid range chastotka very stable. However, already on top of the lower sensitivity begins to arrive with increasing frequency, reaching a maximum in the upper octave (10-20 kHz) - resulting imbalance (from high to average) is 3.3 dB. Orientation columns becomes acute only above 10 kHz, partly neutralizing marked imbalance. In the 1-2 kHz registered poslezvuchanie easy. Nonlinear distortion factor is small at the level of the test signal 82 dB; with an increase in sound pressure nonlinear distortion factor growing rapidly around the bottom end of the range and in the top two octaves.

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