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Speaker pair Athena Technologies S3/P2

Athena Technologies - Department of canadian concern Audio Product International. His credo is to guide the consumer to block the construction of a home audiocompress. Powerful advantage of such approach is the possibility of gradual increase of this complex of technologically homogeneous components. Respect causes a four-lane abundance "Sparky" subwoofer P2 and bulky three-way as if polonica S3. Speaker subwoofer radiates into the floor, pipe cavity twisted spiral to achieve the maximum length of the duct. The bottom switch Blend inverts the phase of the signal. Top - adjroat subwoofer to work with different brand passive blocks (or S2 S3). The regulator bandwidth, gradually change the upper cutoff frequency, the right to negotiate Saba with arbitrary speakers. If the contact panel P2 do not remove the jumper, high-voltage signal will go on passive column through the Assembly "rails". There is also a line input. Each speaker has its own decorative mask.

It is clear that without active low-pass additions S3 - full acoustic pair, bass which attracts attention - biting, effective, it is in perfect harmony with contrasting topography of high frequencies. When enabled, P2 overall style of low-frequency representation remains the same, but the pressure deep component radically changes the zoom sound events. Integral bass unusually "strong" in the modern compositions, delighting excellent dynamics and rare purity details. At moderate volume levels easily possible to balance the system "thin" musical forms. In the same scale symphonic sound of abundance of deep bass with enough middle may seem excessive, distractions, or even overwhelming. But if a timbre correctors external amplifiers, then you can balance and sounds the most "severe" symphonies. Very expressive in the performance "Athens" any vocals, striking the strings. In General, after familiarization with the system remains the impression that she is only released with a large margin and power, and dynamics, as in expensive American car... This "reserve" was useful in the theater. Front perfectly depicts the firing of all kinds of firearms, when it causes tremors loose items in the listening room. Well, except only sometimes you want to take a look a little deeper in the transmission of the acoustic effects accompanying tectonic disaster.

Attractive is the concept of unit capacity acoustic complex. On the one hand, on S3 enough to listen to music and without low-frequency support, and on the other, over time, the combination S3/P2 can be strengthened sabom P3. Although the P2 stock subwoofer power is more than enough even for large spaces.

Switching system subwoofer unit P2.

Fig. 1. Frequency Response.

Fig. 2. Frequency Response.

Fig. 3. Nonlinear distortion factor.

A four-speaker with active subwoofer in the design vented type. Dimensions - 1217x240x320 mm, weight - 24 kg Dynamics: 200-mm LF driver, 165 mm LF/MF-head, 90-mm MF-head, tweeter with 25-mm dome of corporate composite "teteron". The crossover - 70, 400, 2800 Hz. Rated power bass-amp - 100 W maximum passive block - 200 W. Magnetic shielding. The legs.

The system has good sensitivity. For AFC passive block typical symmetrical (with respect to the lower top) trends rise to the top and bottom of the range. About these trends chastoty stable. Local small rise of about 600 Hz corresponds to some poslesvecheniya. Judging by the family subwoofer frequency response, measured with two extreme and mean position of the handle smooth adjustment of bandwidth, P2 can easily coordinate with speakers of different types: upper limit varies 75-200 Hz. Total harmonic distortion weakly depends on the signal level and in a wide range of frequencies do not exceed 1%. It should be noted rare purity bass.

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