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Speaker pair AAD C-100

Hold in your hands right cut the speakers, admire her weight - what should be a wall of MDF and magnets drivers to make such a significant effect? Beautiful, neatly lined with persuasive speaker, with the ability to connect separate bands, it gives the impression of a much more expensive things. Close dome tweeter corporate securely closed metal mesh. The front panel is very tough - with a margin. Relatively low sensitivity does not cause serious concern, especially as this loss more than offset by the smallness of the nonlinearity of products over the entire operating frequency range, frequency response stability, good value lower limit. Thus, there are compelling reasons to rely on objective and thorough clean sound. Column equipped with magnetic shielding that in this price range does not happen very often; and the ability to place the system close to the TV is expanding its range of home applications. Incidentally, the C series is extensive and includes more than a dozen different models, including the center channel speakers and subwoofers.

Sound C-100 at a comfortable volume perceived whole, complete, very tidy. His most remarkable quality - good plastic transmission melodic relief. But not "watercolor" with blurred faces uncertain transitions, and well -designed, like the images on canvas easel master of realistic painting. In this regard, particularly want to commend clear treble. Bass for "weave" carefully planned and fully meets the ideas of his classic shelf version. Correctly transmitted tonal relations. It is necessary to note the ability of C-100 to revive images of musical instruments: special, "melodious" overtones as whimsical violin vividly reminded of the colorful richness of the original. By lowering the volume considerably grows cold, otherwise portraits live instruments lose certainty, specific features are averaged; speakers as if unwillingly "swinging". However, these effects are typical for most small systems. Confidently behaves C-100 at high volume, the sound is just harder, upstairs there are metallic shades.

C-100 - good enough versatile option for pure stereo in smaller rooms. However, stylistic manner of yet most organic forms chamber. Two pairs get a good theatrical performance. Of course, you will need a subwoofer and center, and there is no reason to oppose a purely proprietary composition. It would be better if you use a more powerful amplifier (at least 50 watts per channel).

Rear panel.

Two-way reflex speakers. Dimensions - 320x192x270 mm. Speakers: Bass/Woofer - head with concentric contoured 120mm cone polymer RF head with 27mm dome polymer membrane. Crossover - 2 kHz. Nominal impedance - 8 ohms. Bi-wiring/amping. magnetic shielding.

The system has a relatively low sensitivity of - 87.4 dB. Lower frequency limit (at a level of -10 dB) - 56 Hz; serious result. Frequency response is well balanced; value is determined by the uneven sensitivity weak fluctuations in the midrange and its buildup above the crossover frequency. In the section a little aggravated orientation columns - absolutely critical. Midrange recorded moderate poslezvuchanie relevant for hearing in the real world only at high volume. System distinguished smallness harmonic distortion: at all three levels of the test signal (82, 88 and 94 dB) the average value of the SOI coincides with the minimal (0.2 %, 0.3 % and 0.5 %, respectively).

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