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Photos and specs Mini stereo system Sony MHC-GNV111D

Mini stereo system Sony MHC-GNV111D

The system is built on the principle 5.0 - no separate subwoofer, his take on the role of the front and rear pairs (4 identical speakers). Looking at their large diffusers and derived double reflex port forward, you feel: Mid Bass will be many. Acoustics center channel on the background of these giants looks toy. Central place on the front panel occupies a large volume knob surrounded by a special ring to select additional modes. In the massive case there was a place for the three-disc DVD- changer carousel, double cassette deck and front AV-input. The system comes with DVD- 200 karaoke songs and two microphones.

All necessary adjustments karaoke - in stock. On the multimedia disk read only DivX. Want to listen to MP3 - Sony drives will ship in only those files. Responsible for setting up the sound equalizer with 12 presets (three - user) and digital signal processor with DSP- family regimes. There are original function X-Round, which allows using a special handle (X-Round Jog) to quickly adjust balance, (including between the front and rear pair), and " rotate " the sound in any direction (involves all five columns). Moreover, the " dance " can be run in automatic mode to specify the rate of displacement of the sound image.

OSD abounds incomprehensible icons. But it is easy to control the system from the front panel - come to the aid of the handle comfortable selection of tracks/radio presets or "smooth rewind"/frequency search stations.

System without problems announce a medium-sized room. When it does not matter, the music will be heard or soundtrack - powerful energetic sound guaranteed in any way. If you like dance music or action and you are not deterred rather high price of the device, then - to the store immediately. And when showing new clothes to friends necessarily demonstrate the function X-Round.

Individual key head several modes. Remote control commands not only stereo, but also TV Sony.

Rear panel.

Control Panel.

Fig. 1. Frequency Response (front)

Fig. 2. Frequency Response (center)

Fig. 3. IHM videopath.

Fig. 4. Graph color balance in video color space (RY/BY).

The system is built on the original scheme - 5.0: the same front / rear and center speaker. Ripple "fronts" occupy second place in the test over a range of 100-20,000 Hz, and in the band 160-1300 Hz - first. Orientation columns rather large (on their aim the listening position). Amplifier has the most power in the test that allows to reproduce realistic scale effects. Videopath characteristics - excellent. Clarity on S-Video is 5.2 MHz (-10 dB), the composite signal plays confidently to 2.9 MHz, and does not moire. Color noise is small, transitions - clear.

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