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Photos and specs Mini stereo system Samsung MM-KC10

Mini stereo system Samsung MM-KC10

The device is based on the classical scheme "trifonik": bass support for the front pair provides a passive subwoofer. Set of acoustic connected to the main unit through the original connectors (polarity not mix!). Absence in the main unit cassette deck due to the desire to keep up with the times instead of outdated analog source developers should consider the connection of various digital equipment such as digital cameras, MP3- players, flash drives and card readers. Needed for this USB- interface with support for USB-host mode imposed on the front panel, and in the instruction manual is an extensive list of supported hardware. However, please note that MM-KC10 recognizes only media with FAT and FAT32.

As for DVD-Video playback, there is a system provides a standard service. Decoders recognize the format of Dolby Digital, and DTS. We hasten to warn fans of home video - DVD-VR discs unit can not play. Also does not recognize DVD media files, although similar CD-R/RW read without problems. Of course, not without the karaoke function: comes bundled with DVD- karaoke fifth version, containing 4,000 songs, of which 700 were recorded with professional backing vocals. It is curious that when playing a DVD with no manipulation is impossible to produce sound - EQ preset modes and DSP-only work with MP3, CD-Audio, and a radio.

Command device is easy, especially if you use the keys on the front panel. Very convenient multifunction handle Multi-Jog, allowing you to select tracks or drive tuner presets.

Spatial effects are not so strikingly as in systems with rear speakers. The device is designed for partygoers - youth, USB-equipped by players wanting to sing the newest hit, and between business and watch a movie.

Close the remote control has a special projection below the forefinger. The main keys (on the photo light) - fluorescent.

Rear panel.

Working with external USB-drive.

Fig. 1. Frequency Response.

Fig. 2. IHM videopath.

Fig. 3. Graph color balance in video color space (RY/BY).

Acoustic model diagram - 2.1, ie stereo pair and a powered subwoofer, the sound range actually extends approximately 50 Hz "down" (up to 60 Hz -10 dB), so a large (approx. ± 8 dB) frequency response does not impoverish sound stereo pair. Sound speaker has a significant focus (turn their "face" to the audience). Power amplifiers slightly below the average for the test. Resolution on the composite signal - the lowest on the list (actually reproduced frequencies up to 2.3 MHz above - moire), so use the composite is only useful for dubbing to VHS.

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