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Photos and specs Mini stereo system Panasonic SC-PM29E

Mini stereo system Panasonic SC-PM29E

By design, say, a very Japanese thing, in which style harmoniously linked with the demands made of acoustics and electronics engineers. Two-way speakers (body shape minimizes internal resonances) are powered by the scheme Bi-amping, where each band put their own amplifier. Therefore used four color-coded cable (the same - at the terminals CD- receiver). Large two-color display, unlike the previous model, indicates even the state five disc changer, which is located behind a hinged door. Controls - backlit with colored: in volume control and source selection knopkok and playback mode it blue, while the function keys S. Sound EQ (loudness) and Re-master (an attempt to fill the information lost during compression MR3/WMA-records) - yellow. Ingeniously implemented to search songs or stations - turning ribbed roller. The cassette is part of the top panel, the lid rises smoothly. Remote control - large, easy to read contrasting lettering. The system suggested to look for those who prefer to listen MP3/WMA-records not only background, but loud enough.

On the rear panel - eight colored speaker terminals for the scheme Bi-Amping.

Fig.1. AFC speakers

Fig.2. Response of the amplifier

Balanced sound is achieved when the speakers put in parallel (on the AFC - average plot, 45 degrees from the axis); Valuable property acoustics - almost distortion increases with increasing volume. Although the measured power amplifier THD 0.7% - the lowest in the test, any deficit on energy is not felt. FM-tuner, high sensitivity (1.5 mV) has a low selectivity. Cassette deck somewhat limits the high frequency range that can be considered useful (less noticeable RF noise).

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