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Photos and specs Mini stereo system Panasonic SA-PM91D

Mini stereo system Panasonic SA-PM91D

Microsystem is built on the proven configuration: five - disc DVD- changer elevator-type plus separate Bass and Treble (Bi-Amping). Opportunities amplification path modest - stated 40 watts per channel, actually there are only seven watts. One-car cassette deck - reversible traditionally placed on top of the unit, as if to make room for a large fluorescent display. Management Console (its turquoise backlight can be turned off) is noticeably protrudes forward, providing convenient access to the keys. In a set of video interfaces - all analog except the component and VGA. And also provides access to a powered subwoofer that is maybe just an upgrade.

The system reads the mixed (MP3/JPEG) "compacts", but does not recognize DVD media. Alas, stayed behind and DivX. Built-in file manager can only display files / folders or complete disk structure. Implemented to search for files on the primary characters. Has much to offer and the cassette deck - namely autosearch ten tracks on both sides.

Appointment menu settings clear - helps the system prompts. When navigating through files or menu options once again celebrate conveniently located on the control function "cross" with the confirmation button in the middle.

Despite the fact that the machine has no problem decoding both variants of multi-channel audio with DVD (DD and DTS), do not expect him impressive spatial effects: for the sound in this case corresponds to only the front pair of speakers, and amplifier power is low. Add little to the sound of the scale can be using two-stage mode Advanced Surround, however it affects the sound color is not the best way (it becomes a hollow). Look at this model suggest someone who has loved the DVD, but have not yet decided to part with a collection of audio cassettes.

Half of the keys on the remote control manages two modes (the second is activated via key Shift), so we have to act with both hands.

Rear panel.

Cassette deck.

Fig. 1. Frequency Response.

Fig. 2. IHM videopath.

Fig. 3. Graph color balance in video color space (RY/BY).

Apparatus classic layout (2.0) completely determines the sound stereo pair. AFC speakers - almost the best in the test: non-uniformity in the range of 100-20,000 Hz ± 2 dB less at -10 dB reproduced frequency from 70 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Moreover, virtually non-directional speakers, which is important for a "collective view". Unfortunately, power amplifiers was very low. Video path works just like the majority of applicants. Brightness sharpness for S-Video is 5.2 MHz at -10 dB, the contrast does not change up to 2.8 MHz.

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