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Photos and specs Mini stereo system LG LX-M340

Mini stereo system LG LX-M340

The model represents the relationship of modern ergonomics with classic elegance "micro". Tri-color display looks great; in a clearly defined area of control buttons to the form itself dictates function. There are several options for modifying the sound: equalizer with five presets, system XDSS (extends bass) and JSC (improves playback of compressed music) plus virtual surround sound mode. The procedure of adding stations in memory FM- tuner is simple and obvious. To avoid cluttering the display, MDE - text displayed on the button is pressed: ticker displayed the names of albums and songs. Search by album is impossible, but there is direct access to the track - through the numbered buttons on the remote control is well thought-out (multicolored buttons, contrasting lettering). Cassette with Auto Reverse function and CD Sync is always ready to record (you can adjust the magnetic head and a "foreign" record). The main advantage of regular columns - a comfortable, almost uncolored sound with tonal balance that appeals to almost everyone. The effect is achieved by "slight movement" AFC: a well audible range (1-3 kHz) - smooth decrease. Inexpensive model as a source of good music, sounding background round the clock.

Holes for the cassette holder open access to the adjustment screws universal head.

Fig.1. AFC speakers

Fig.2. Response of the amplifier

AFC speakers resembling "equal loudness curve", experts confirmed the impression of uncolored sound - no pronounced irregularities. Malonapravlennye column; when you turn the listener just highlights the tops, so we recommend to install them parallel to the main unit. Decline below 100 Hz is pretty cool - it makes sense to turn the system XDSS. Selectivity and capture tuner - good, the measured power (2x25 W, THD 0.7%, 8 ohms) is close to the stated.

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