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Photos and specs Mini stereo system JVC FS-X5

Mini stereo system JVC FS-X5

Design - Lifestyle, stuffing - High Tech: Digital Amplifiers (per channel - two for SCH/VCH- and bass bands) plus outstanding in design acoustics. Controls rendered on the upper wall, where the "pill" select play modes masked double koromyslitse. To get used to the rotary switch sources at once, but helps display with backlight. Raise / lower the cover CD-motorized transport; seat highlighted, so the disc is not scratched, even in darkness. All organized by switching mini-jack connectors on the rear panel; ibid - Headphone: take care of the extension cord. Unique stereo image provide nearly omnidirectional miniature emitters (point source). Without prejudice to the sound the speakers can be placed in the furniture niche: woofer radiates down through the annular gap. Subwoofer has a separate amplifier channel, in connection with which each speaker is connected by two pairs of wires. FM-tuner - record test on the number of stored stations and broadcast- quality playback of high-power radio stations. The system is extremely compact, sounds interesting, and worked with any type of portable equipment MP3 player.

Linear input/output sockets implemented on mini-jack.

Fig.1. AFC speakers

Fig.2. Response of the amplifier

Speakers reproduce sound equally well in the spatial sector of ± 90 degrees. FRF active subwoofer impersonating amplitude raised by 10 dB in the 100 Hz, resulting in a marked underscoring the upper bass. Lift system AHB Pro bass do not abuse: at high volume digital amplifier with hybrid feedback (measured power at 0.7% THD - 12 W) is struggling to cope with the load - increasing distortion. FM-tuner has a record signal/noise ratio (more than 67 dB) and high selectivity (52 dB in the band 300 kHz).

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