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Headphones Beyerdynamic DTX800

German accuracy and thoroughness immediately visible in the design of this model. Everything is provided for a long and comfortable listening. Extendable headband is equipped with a very soft pillow. The cushions, covered with velvet, hold the ear is not completely. However delicate clamp does not cause inconvenience. Mylar diffusers and powerful neodymium magnets allow 40-mm emitters to produce as rich bass and an extremely detailed highs. Acoustic design of the headphones is open, so external noise may interfere with listening. Naturally, the headset will give to listen to the music alone.

Headphones form a very beautiful, spacious, air musical image. Sound deserves the definition of "intelligent". When adding significant volume becomes less transparent bass segment, which cannot be said about other frequency sections. Small underline bass does not cause bias tonal balance. Warm, velvety low smoothly merge with smooth, clean middle and forth with a distinct, delicate high. The model has good musical potential and generally universal.

Side view.

Fig.1. Frequency Response

Fig.2. Nonlinear distortion factor

Fig.3. Module input impedance

On fairly flat frequency response graph it is possible to allocate the hump in the low-frequency range and a small dam at high frequencies. But it does not cause significant tone imbalance. In the whole range bandpass flatness relatively low (just over on the upper midrange and treble site). CED is good too, but only in a small volume. With average and high level of signal harmonic distortion significantly increase. This is especially pronounced at high and low frequencies. Interestingly, at frequencies up to 100 Hz at a low volume average SOI - the best in the test, and at high volume is one of the worst. Therefore it is not recommended to use headphones at high signal levels. Peak impedance at the resonance frequency of two times higher than the face value (63 Ohm nominal 32 Ohm). It covers only the lower frequencies. In the rest of the range impedance stable and virtually equal to the par value. The headphones will work equally well with any source.

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