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Headphones Audio-Technica ATH-M20

ATH-M20 - quite large and yet lightweight headset. Thanks to thin rings ear cushions covered with ears stock. Headband consists of a flexible headrest pad and retractable forks, allowing turning bowls on 180°. Twisted three-meter (when stretched) cable is fed to the left and ends bowl 3.5mm jack. Included - gilded adapter 6.3 mm. 40-mm emitters built on neodymium magnets; voice coils are wound aluminum wire with a copper coating. Judging by the frequency response may lack a sense of high frequencies. Peak THD at 2 kHz - a consequence of decreasing sensitivity here. Basyat headphones confidently, although most do not go deep. Some like "slowness" mid bass softens the attack, but gives solemnity organ toccata. RF lighting like a little dimmed; detail here is relatively low, which is manifested, in particular, when playing large symphonic forms. But rock sounds great. Prolonged listening does not tire. Lightweight and tactful snuggling comfortably sit on your head. ATH-M20 - Solid inexpensive "fixed" version, at the same time "sensitivity" enough to work with "portable".

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