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Headphones Audio Technica ATH-A55

Headphones design is simple and convenient. Large plastic cups mounted on two metal arches and can turn a little back and forth. "Brand" petals with a soft cloth cushions automatically adjust to the size of the head. Wide cushions of soft leather folded into the shape of the head and completely close the ear. Drivers have the diameter of the cone 53 mm, installed at an angle for a more natural sound. Closed acoustic design will attract attention and those who listen to music in noisy places, and those who do not want to disturb the others.

The model demonstrates its willingness bass muscles, playfully juggling Low Frequency-standard weights. Power bass high, the structuring medium. When playing a quiet episodes in audio listening faint hissing background and as a result, you lose the layer microanatomy details. This can cause auditory fatigue. Depth, dimensions of the image is small. We noted the shortage of High Frequency information and related sharp enough detail in the relevant part of the range. Thanks to good bass headphones can appeal to those who prefer the modern musical styles.

Side view.

Fig.1. Frequency Response

Fig.2. Nonlinear distortion factor

Fig.3. Module input impedance

As the senior model A700, smooth frequency response plot falls in the range from 50 Hz to 1 kHz. Failure at frequencies of 3 to 4 kHz is also present, but it is slightly smaller, and the subsequent "space" in the mid-upper frequencies little wider. However, immediately after 10 kHz there is a steep cliff to -20 dB, continuing to 20 kHz. This pit significantly undermines the high-frequency components, and it is noticeable by ears. The nature of the differences AFC very sharp, which may result in additional distortion of sound. On the other hand, deserves all praises low THD in the entire range of measurements (one of the best in the test). This is especially noticeable at medium volume. Also good qualities can be attributed worthy sensitivity (101 dB/1 mW). The resonance frequency is poorly expressed in the graph impedance. Therefore distortion at low frequencies grow slowly, and bass turns a deep and expressive. Impedance headphones weakly depends on the frequency of the signal.

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