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Photos and specs Headphones AKG Acoustics K 301 XTRA

Headphones AKG Acoustics K 301 XTRA

These headphones are designed simply and reliably. Minimum rotating rubbing and bendy parts. Genuine leather headband firmly keeps the headphones on your head. Deep leather ear pads completely cover their ears, however, the stiffening plates leads to the fact that a large part of the upper head weighs noticeably stronger, and headband too strongly pulls up. But in the average case, "ears" hold great. In aperture emitters used with variable thickness (Varimotion), which is used in high-end models AKG.

Headphones play in a natural manner, a relaxed and comfortable listening. Tonal system is characterized by lowercase underlined that little painted that only noticeable when listening to classical programs. Model faithfully reproduces the acoustic sounds (instrumental and vocal). Sometimes the sound headphones noticeable lack of high-frequency information. Specified property can be associated with a slightly blunted high articulation. We recognize the product as a whole well balanced and would recommend it to fans of different musical styles.

Side view.

Fig.1. Frequency Response

Fig.2. Nonlinear distortion factor

Fig.3. Module input impedance

Frequency response curve of this model is strongly reminiscent of a mountain landscape. Up to 1 kHz, we see a pronounced rise characteristics (up to 10 dB), after which the area 1-2 kHz dates behaves almost linearly. And after 2.5 kHz, a sharp drop of 15 dB takeoff followed by 12-13 dB. Clearly that the tonal balance is disturbed in favor of the upper bass and midrange. At the same time the bass starts to subside significantly already at 70 Hz. Nonlinear distortion factor in general is quite good ("middling" in the test). Especially little distortion in the mids and a few more on high. In the bass distortion even begin to grow and has 300 Hz, but do it slowly and evenly. Falling response at 4 kHz also coincides with a local increase in nonlinear distortion factor. Flat plot of impedance graph suggests that this "mysterious" frequency, probably due to a resonance body headphones. The resonant frequency of the transducer pronounced peak impedance. But, apart from a small hillock on the low- frequency response, it does not affect the performance.

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