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Description floor speaker T A S Pulsar 350

Three-way floor model T A S Pulsar 350 is representative of a new signature series Pulsar. Phonics refers to the conditional budget sector in the production program of the company. However, the sound has a naturalness and always inherent in all products T A.

This rather large column received a severe neat design. External finishing is made using vinyl film. The edges of the front of the body is slightly rounded to improve its antideflection properties. Fixed assets put into there design. A rigid and heavy Cabinet is assembled from sandwich panels MDF and particleboard panels. The case height of just over one meter perfectly damped and does not introduce coloration to the sound. In the wooden base, slightly protruding outside of the Cabinet, screwed into the studs for a full interchange with the floor.

Round reflex port placed on the front panel of the column and is midway between the two 170 mm bass drivers. Their diffusers are made from special embossed paper, reinforced with carbon fiber, as in a series of Criterion. The speakers have powerful magnets and give the opportunity to get assembled and fairly deep bass, is able to descend to the lower limit of 30 Hz. Midrange driver and tweeter are in a separate, isolated from the influence of the woofers to the camera body. Paper membrane 150 mm mid-woofers has a special coating that enables it to ensure the neutrality and lack of coloration of the sound even at high volume levels. The frequency response of the emitter covers a range from 300 to 2300 Hz, which corresponds to the vocal range. The sound in the mid-range has a clean, rich natural tones and good resolution. The new 25mm tweeter is a fabric membrane of the dome, two powerful magnets and placed in a small waveguide. Its presentation is characterized by openness, speed, and lack of sharpness.

Sew all three strips of the acoustic system helps the carefully planned and accurately designed crossover with high quality components. On the back wall there are two pairs of screw terminals, with which you can organize the connection type bi-wiring or bi-amping. To protect emitters uses a removable wood grill with cloth grilles.

German engineers managed to create deserving the most serious attention of the speaker system in the budget (by the standards of A T) sector. AC T A S Pulsar 350 sounds dynamically, accurately, openly, and has a dense, deep and elastic bass. Speakers are able to create a really large scene and work in a wide frequency range from 30 to 35,000 Hz.

Features floor speaker T A S Pulsar 350

Well-damped body of laminated boards MDF and chipboard panels
25 mm fabric tweeter diaphragm midrange speaker with a special coating
Two 170 mm bass driver with paper-carbon fiber diffusers
The ability to bi-wire

Features of outdoor acoustics T A S Pulsar 350

The number of bands3
The number of speakers4
Housing typebass reflex port located on the front panel
The type of tweeter25 mm tweeter, fabric dome diaphragm, two magnets, placed in a small waveguide
The diameter and type of MF-radiator150 mm midrange driver, paper cone with special coating and powerful magnetic system
And diameter type bass radiator2 x 170 mm woofer with paper-carbon cones and powerful magnets
Frequency range30 – 35000 Hz
Impedance4 Ohms
Sensitivity87 dB
Rated power160 watts
Peak power220 W
The crossover frequency of the crossover300/2300 Hz
Input connectors2 pairs of screw terminals
Grillremovable, fabric mesh
Dimensions (WxHxD)240x1010x350 mm
Weight24 kg

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