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  • Floor standing speakers PMC Twenty 24
  • Floor standing speakers PMC Twenty 24
  • Floor standing speakers PMC Twenty 24

Description of outdoor acoustics PMC Twenty 24

The top model in the line of Twenty, released in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the British company PMC that produces high-quality professional and domestic acoustics.

PMC Twenty 24 on Board uses proprietary technology ATL ("Advanced transmission line"). This is a special type of acoustic design, representing long maze, created by partitions within the housing and having a column output to the external opening. The maze is filled with damping material that absorbs almost all the sound waves emitted by the midrange/WOOFER driver inside the housing, except the low bass. This design helps to get rid of the acoustic overtones of the housing and provides a deeper and faster than conventional columns of the same size, bass and transparent MIDs. In addition, speakers with ATL™ does not lose the LF component even at low volume levels.

The corps PMC Twenty 24 is made of MDF (thickness – 18 mm) and is slightly tilted relative to the vertical axis, which provides good structural rigidity and enables to suppress the resonances. The grills are attached using hidden rare earth magnets.

The tweeter dome Sonolex fabric with a diameter of 27 mm was developed together with the Norwegian company SEAS. Frequency of signal is 1.8 kHz. The tweeter has a mesh diffuser. All this contributes to the wide directivity and a more precise rendering of the scene. 170-mm WOOFER/midrange driver with paper cone impregnated, developed on the basis of the speaker line Fact included in a system built on ATL technology™. The system is damped with a special acoustic material. The crossover is hand built. Its printed circuit Board made of fiberglass, has thick copper tracks.

In the lower part of the rear wall of the column are four terminals, connected by bridges. Column is attached to a small base with spikes made of stainless steel, which provides "isolation" from the floor, her body also has a "junction" with the base by means of special gaskets. This allows you to get the PMC Twenty 24 best focus of stereobase and more tight and accurate bass. The body acoustic finished in natural veneer. Possible options are: "walnut", "oak" and "Amarone". Available glossy finish “Diamond Black”.
These stylish little "naparniki" provides a pretty large-scale, dynamic and accurate sound with articulate bass register, even in large listening rooms.

Features of outdoor acoustics PMC Twenty 24

Two-way speaker
Compact size
Transmission line

Features of outdoor acoustics PMC Twenty 24

The number of bands2
The number of speakers2
Housing typea maze effective ATL length – 300 cm
Frequency range28 Hz – 25 kHz
Nominal impedance8 Ohms
Sensitivity90 dB
Tweeter27 mm, co-production PMC/SEAS SONOLEX nagkakamali, cooled with ferrofluid
LF/MF-emitter170 mm, paper impregnated, cast basket
The frequency bands1.8 kHz
Input connectors2 pairs of terminals (4 mm), connection type Bi-amp or Bi-wire
Dimensions (W x h x D)1028 x 184 x 419 mm
Weight21 kg

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