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  • Floor standing speakers PMC Fact 8
  • Floor standing speakers PMC Fact 8
  • Floor standing speakers PMC Fact 8
  • Floor standing speakers PMC Fact 8
  • Floor standing speakers PMC Fact 8

Description of outdoor acoustics PMC Fact 8

Model PMC Fact 8 is only napilnikom in a series of Fact and has elegant, even somewhat aristocratic appearance that will beautify any room.

Resistant to resonances and vibrations body offers a refined finish, a narrow front panel (about 16 cm) and a depth of 38 cm In its construction laid corporate ATL technology ("Advanced transmission line"). In fact, it's a maze with a length of 3 m, created inside of the Cabinet due to the internal partitions and damped with a special material which transmits only the lower bass emitted from the reverse surface of the speakers, and delaying the rest of the frequency spectrum. At the end of the maze is a closed fabric hole displayed on the front panel. This design eliminates hull noise and get a deeper and faster bass than conventional speakers of similar size.

Acoustics equipped with the metal grille is protected by a registered tweeter production company with SEAS soft dome 0.75 inch Sonomex membrane and 32 mm suspension. His cooling voice coil is using ferrofluid. For the midrange/treble range are responsible two 5.5-inch drivers with diffusers made of paper and impregnated with a special Matt coating.

At the rear of the Cabinet are 4 silver-plated terminal jumpers. Above them are two three-position toggle switch with adjustable amplitude-frequency characteristic of the column (RF (± 2 dB) and bass (with slope - 3 dB and - 6 dB)). This mini-equalizer allows you to fine tune the speaker in accordance with the characteristics of the room and its position in the room. Used crossover with filters of the 4th order (24 dB / octave) and high-quality components, exclusively selected to obtain higher performance. Used Solen polypropylene capacitors.

Acoustics PMC Fact 8 has integrated in its base chromed support. They are spikes, which if necessary can be flipped and get rounded feet to prevent damage to the surface on which you are installing the speaker. The whole front panel is closed by a grill, which is secured using hidden magnets.

Model PMC Fact 8 delivers superb sound quality, the hallmarks of which is the clarity, accuracy, openness and detail, as well as a good speaker, clear and deep bass. The sound is absolutely not bound to the speakers. They built up the scene is quite wide and deep.

Features of outdoor acoustics PMC Fact 8

Proprietary technology ATL (progressive transmission line)
Tweeter with a soft membrane (material Sonomex)
The ability to adjust treble and bass using the three-position toggle switches

Features of outdoor acoustics PMC Fact 8

The number of bands2
The number of speakers3
The diameter and the type of tweetersoft dome membrane with a diameter of 0.75 inches used material SONOMEX, cooling coil with ferrofluid
The diameter and type of midrange/treble radiatortwo 5.5-inch midrange/bass driver, paper cone impregnated and special coated
Housing typethe maze, with technology ATL (progressive transmission line), the effective length ATL – 3 meters
Frequency range28 – 30000 Hz
Nominal impedance8 Ohms
Sensitivity89 dB (1 W, 1 m)
The frequency bands1700 Hz
Input connectors2 pairs of silver-plated terminals (4 mm), connection type Bi-Amp or Bi-Wire
Recommended amplifier power rating will40 – 300 W
Removable grillthere
Dimensions (WxHxD)155х1030х380 mm excluding spines (25 mm), bearings (80 mm) and the terminals (23 mm)
Weight20 kg

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