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  • Floor standing speakers PMC Fact 12
  • Floor standing speakers PMC Fact 12
  • Floor standing speakers PMC Fact 12

Description of outdoor acoustics PMC Fact 12

Three-way flagship Fact series was developed by PMC in close collaboration with the National physical laboratory. This acoustics is to get the overall sound of Studio monitors, using a narrow body-"the tower".

Deep Cabinet PMC Fact 12 made in a classic design. The thickness of the front panel is 35 mm and 50 mm. Used technology ATL is "advanced transmission line", the essence of which is the establishment inside the Cabinet through the walls of the labyrinth, lined with a special material that absorbs all radiated from the reverse side of the speaker frequencies, except the lowest bass range. Eventually, we manage to get rid of the sound coloration, spurious resonances and to obtain a deep, clean and fast bass without a substantial increase in enclosure volume. In PMC Fact 12 applies a special maze with a length of 3.3 meters with two output ports, shown in the lower part of the facade.

Flagship uses a custom-made tweeter with metal grille, the creation of which was attended by experts of the company SEAS. Applied soft dome membrane from a material Sonomex diameter of 0.75". The coil is cooled with ferrofluid.

Requires a new 2-inch midrange driver manual Assembly with dome fabric diaphragm, is a smaller version of speaker from the professional series. Here, too, the cooling occurs with a ferromagnetic filler.

Two long-stroke 5.5" woofer with a powerful magnetic systems are working to the upper limit frequency response 400 Hz. Instead of the usual paper cones are involved aperture of a light metal alloy with special coating for anti-resonances.

On the back side of the body mounted aluminium panel with three pairs of plated terminals for connection type tri-amping or tri-wiring. There are two 3-position knob to boost or cut of treble and bass, allowing you to tune the speakers precisely in accordance with the geometry of space. Crossover is assembled on a double sided printed circuit boards made of fiberglass. Apply selected parts, including Solen capacitors, coils, air-core, etc.
Front panel grill closes with a magnetic fastening. Built into the base of the pillars with spikes.

The sound of the PMC Fact 12 different absolute transparency, accuracy, excellent detail, but it is natural and emotional. Large-scale three-dimensional scene is absolutely not tied to the speakers. An impressive bass depth and clarity.

Features of outdoor acoustics PMC Fact 12

Proprietary ATL technology ("advanced transmission line")
New 2" midrange driver manual Assembly with soft dome membrane
Three pairs of speaker terminals, you can adjust the treble and bass

Features of outdoor acoustics PMC Fact 12

The number of bands3
The number of speakers4
Housing typelabyrinth, ATL technology ("advanced transmission line"), the effective length ATL – 3.3 meters
The diameter and the type of tweeterA 0.75" soft dome membrane from a material Sonomex, ferromagnetic coolant
The diameter and type of MF-radiator1 x 2" midrange driver, a fabric diffuser, cooling coil with ferrofluid, enclosed rear camera
And diameter type bass radiator2 x 5.5" WOOFER driver, the cone of light alloy with a special coating, the speed of the diffuser: ± 15 mm
Frequency range26 – 30000 Hz
Nominal impedance8 Ohms
Sensitivity84 dB (1 W, 1 m)
The crossover frequency of the bands400 Hz/4 kHz
Input connectorsthree pairs of silver-plated terminals (4 mm), tri-amping or tri-wiring
The mounting of the grillmagnetic
Dimensions (WxHxD)168х1110х420 mm excluding spines (25 mm) of supports (100 mm) and the terminals (23 mm)
Weight26 kg

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