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  • Floor standing speakers Monitor Audio Silver 8
  • Floor standing speakers Monitor Audio Silver 8
  • Floor standing speakers Monitor Audio Silver 8
  • Floor standing speakers Monitor Audio Silver 8

Description floor speaker Monitor Audio Silver 8

Monitor Audio Silver 8 occupies a middle position in a fully updated line of Silver. It is a full three way speaker, made in the typical for Monitor Audio's elegant design with a luxurious finish.

As the material of the hull used 20-millimeter MDF-plates, and two bass reflex ports, using technology HiVe II made in its rear part. Thanks to HiVe II manages to get rid of the turbulence of the exhaust air flow and make bass sound more focused and quick. Cross and radial struts contribute to the damping of the Cabinet. At the base of the housing has a stove with four adjustable legs, to which are attached the cleats or linings.

Under the metal mesh is hidden inch tweeter dome diaphragm of C-CAM, representing an aluminum-magnesium alloy with coating of ceramic. On the surface of the dome thin layer of gold, which increases its stiffness and improve damping characteristics. The tweeter has a closed back of the camera and is able to reach the limits of frequency response to 35 kHz. Mid-range disposes of a new 4-inch driver is equipped with special coil, through which it is possible to minimize distortion. He also has a C-CAM diaphragm, but with applied on its surface rounded impressions (technology RST), which increase stiffness and resist deformation caused by bending. Diffusers two 6,5" long stroke woofers are also made of C-CAM with the technology RST. Their chassis is molded from a special high strength polymer.

All drivers connected to the back of the housing with bolts, which help to untie them from the front panel, to improve the damping of the Cabinet and to resist the resonances. The speakers involved inverted suspensions to reduce distortion. A protective grill is attached to the front with a magnetic clip.

The model has two pairs of screw terminals for two wire connection. Crossover includes selected elements, among which there are polypropylene capacitors. As a cable for internal wiring with selected brand Pureflow conductors made from oxygen free copper with silver plating.

Dynamic sound Monitor Audio Silver 8's impressive openness in the high frequency range, superbly focused middle and long elastic bass. Acoustics perfectly cope with scoring averages over the area of the premises and good will manifest itself in large halls.

Features floor speaker Monitor Audio Silver 8

The tweeter gold-plated diaphragm of C-CAM
Two bass reflex ports (the HiVe II technology)
The inverted surround of the speaker

Features of outdoor acoustics Monitor Audio Silver 8

The number of bands3
The number of speakers4
Housing typebass reflex, two ports in the back, the HiVe II technology
The diameter and the type of tweeter1" HF transducer dome C-CAM gold anodized membrane
The diameter and type of MF-radiator4" midrange driver with a diffuser from C-CAM, RST technology
And diameter type bass radiator2 x 6.5" bass driver cone of C-CAM, RST technology, cast polymer chassis
Frequency range32 Hz – 35 kHz
Sensitivity90 dB (1 W/1 m)
Nominal impedance4 Ohms
Maximum sound pressure levelOf 116.8 dB (pair of speakers)
Power200 W
Recommended amplifier power rating will80 – 200W
The crossover frequency500 Hz/2700 Hz
Input connectors2 pairs of screw terminals
Grillremovable, magnetic fastening
Dimensions speakers (WxHxD)245x1021x360 mm
Weight23,3 kg (single column)

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