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  • Floor standing speakers Monitor Audio Silver 10
  • Floor standing speakers Monitor Audio Silver 10
  • Floor standing speakers Monitor Audio Silver 10

Description of outdoor acoustics Monitor Audio Silver 10

Napolenic three-band with index 10 stands on the top step in the updated model range Silver. It exceeds in size the top "tower" RX8 last line, and the diameters of its MF and LF transducers correspond to the size of the speakers flagship Platinum PL300.

Silver design 10 is characterized by brevity and completeness. The Cabinet is assembled from 20 mm plates MDF and damped through radial and cross-bracing. The upper part of the front panel holds inch tweeter dome diaphragm of C-CAM (aluminum-magnesium alloy with ceramic coating). Its surface is anodized with a layer of gold. Thanks to this technology provides lightness and rigidity, but also achieve precise sound with ceiling at 35 kHz, which is important for HD audio. Tweeter protected by a metal grid and has a closed rear chamber. Below a 4" midrange driver with a voice coil, contributing to the elimination of distortion. Below that is a pair of long-throw 8-inch WOOFER driver baskets that are cast from durable polymer. The diffusers of all three speakers also made of C-CAM inverted and equipped with suspensions to reduce the nonlinear distortion. Supported on the surface of the rounded indentations (technology RST) help to withstand mechanical bending deformations. Column feature consistent impedance, which eliminates the problems associated with the choice of amplifier. The grill fastens to the front with magnets.

Tightening the bolts that connect the rear of the driver with the rear wall of the Cabinet. This mount provides isolation from front panel. In the end minimizes vibration, the Cabinet becomes more rigid.

Pipe the two ports of phase inverter located in the rear of the case Monitor Audio Silver 10, received in longitudinal notches (the HiVe II technology), which increases airflow and decreases turbulence. This helps to ensure a rapid and powerful bass.

Internal wiring is Monitor Audio Silver 10 is a cable from Pureflow silver plated OFC copper. The crossover uses polypropylene capacitors are a premium. There are 4 screw terminals, can be used to bi-wire. The base plate of the housing rests on the surface four adjustable legs, which are attached to the pads or spikes.

The model has detailed treble, a natural mid, deep and articulated bass. The flagship can build impressive in its scale, three-dimensional scene. The element Silver 10 is a large space, where this speaker system will be able to reveal all their talents.

Features of outdoor acoustics Monitor Audio Silver 10

Two 8-inch woofer and one 4-inch midrange driver with RST-diaphragms
The tweeter gold-plated diaphragm of C-CAM
Two bass reflex ports
Well-damped Cabinet with an elegant finish

Features of outdoor acoustics Monitor Audio Silver 10

The number of bands3
The number of speakers4
Housing typebass reflex, two rear ports with HiVe II technology
The diameter and the type of tweeter1" tweeter, gold-plated dome membrane from a material C-CAM
The diameter and type of MF-radiator4" midrange driver with a cone made of C-CAM, RST technology
And diameter type bass radiator2 x 8" bass driver, a cone C-CAM, RST technology, cast polymer chassis
Frequency range30 Hz – 35 kHz
Sensitivity90 dB (1 W/1 m)
Nominal impedance4 Ohms
Maximum sound pressure level117,8 dB
Power250 W
Recommended amplifier power rating will80 – 200W
The crossover frequency550 Hz/2700 Hz
Input connectorstwo pairs of screw terminals
Grillremovable, magnetic fastening
Dimensions speakers (WxHxD)290x1071x360 mm
Weight26 kg (single column)

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