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  • Floor standing speakers Legacy Audio Whisper HD
  • Floor standing speakers Legacy Audio Whisper HD

Description of outdoor acoustics Legacy Audio Whisper HD

Whisper your name (eng.-whisper) the model was for the ability to preserve correct dynamic and timbral balance to vanishingly small volume. This system stands apart in the lineup Legacy. The reason for this is its distinctive sound and unique design in the usual case of closed type. The sound of a Whisper can be compared to a softly speaking person, the words of which are legible, poignant, compelling. Thanks to absolutely low distortion and wide dynamic range, it is perceived as an extremely comfortable, silky, pure-bred, it is absolutely not constrained by the size of the room, the sound. Unchanged, the spatial sound pattern generated by this system in a very wide range, allows you to choose convenient place for listening at his discretion, not tied to a fixed point.

Bass speakers in the amount of eight pieces, each with a diameter of 40 cm, are installed "open air" in pairs, in two parallel, upright panels, are the inphase and give the calculated radiation pattern. On the front panel are located four 7 inch midrange, diffusers which is woven from carbon fiber and silver thread. They are sorientirovany in a special way, whereby the level of spurious reflections from surfaces in the room decreased significantly, and the audio information without any losses comes to the listener. And the floor and walls reaches only a small fraction of sound energy that is mostly absorbed.

Legacy Audio Whisper HD is equipped with professional, balanced electronic equalizer, which allows you not only to adjust the quality factor of the LF section, but also to tune the speaker system with respect to a separate room. Two pairs of terminals located on the rear panel allow for many options for power amps. Given the higher weight of the systems, in the base of each embedded small rollers to facilitate movement around the room.

Sound speaker system Legacy Audio Whisper HD you can compare with precious antique silk cloth. Lightweight, woven into it with gold and silver threads high and medium frequencies it gently envelops you, fascinates with a rich musical pattern.

Harmonious integration in the interior space offers a few basic options for finishing the body with natural veneer. Possible and original trim of the hull in accordance with the individual wishes of the customer.

Standard finish options: Black Pearl (black pearl), Rosewood (rosewood), Natural Cherry (cherry). Options finish option: Black Oak (black oak), Medium Oak (dark oak), Walnut (walnut), Satin Pommele Sapele (African mahogany), Curly Maple (maple), BE Maple (maple bird's eye), Olive Ash Burl (olive ash with capam), Sapele Pommele HG (varnished African mahogany). The terms and conditions of manufacturing in Tula.

Features of outdoor acoustics Legacy Audio Whisper HD

Four-lane design
8 bass speakers with diffusers 40 cm
Professional, fully balanced external electronic equalizer
The open design of the housing

Features of outdoor acoustics Legacy Audio Whisper HD

TypeOutdoor, passive
The number of lanes4
Frequency range22 - 30000 Hz
Sensitivity95 dB / 2,83 V / 1 m
Nominal impedance4 Ohms
The crossover frequency300 / 3000 / 10000 Hz
DynamicsTweeter 1" Neo ribbon crimped-Ribbon
Midrange - 4" ribbon Mid-Ribbon
LF/MF - 4 x 7" Silver Graphite
LF 4 x 15" Carbon/Pulp
Sizes 1700 x 620 x 420 mm
Weight84 kg

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