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  • Floor standing speakers Legacy Audio Helix
  • Floor standing speakers Legacy Audio Helix
  • Floor standing speakers Legacy Audio Helix
  • Floor standing speakers Legacy Audio Helix
  • Floor standing speakers Legacy Audio Helix

Description of outdoor acoustics Legacy Audio Helix

What distinguishes the ordinary from the great musician? The ability of the latter to convey the finest nuances, to reveal the innermost essence of music, lightness and ease of sound. That's why we created the Helix speaker system is the top model lineup Legacy. Its design incorporated unique engineering solutions used the entire wealth of experience of production of acoustic systems, accumulated during 25-year history of the company.

Speaker system Legacy Audio Helix is able to create a sound pressure level of 120 dB throughout the frequency range. Hurricane strength reference precision sound, sverginata - that's what the Legacy Helix. A unique feature of this model is the design of high-mid frequency link consisting of four 6 inch speakers, deployed in pairs to the sides, and a two inch tweeter mounted in a similar way. All design parameters of this build is the result of extensive computer analysis 72 models the real acoustic of halls and listening rooms.

Another characteristic feature of this model is the absence of built-in passive crossovers. In this case, the developers used a progressive filtering active, and this function is performed by a professional, fully balanced Studio processor, which are available in the individual audio control for the characteristics of a particular room. Special mention deserves the low frequency section made in the form integrated in the housing of each speaker is active subwoofer with a capacity of 750 W, which in total gives the equivalent of a stunning 1500 watts. Therefore, from the first chords you will be absorbed the unfolding action, emotional upheaval is guaranteed by the realistic sound images, their absolute proportionality and the absence of any conventions.

For the harmonious integration of Legacy Audio Helix in the interior space offers a few basic options for finishing the body with natural veneer and finish combination in the form of a combination of two basic colors. Possible and original trim of the hull in accordance with the individual wishes of the customer.

Standard finish options: Black Pearl (black pearl), Rosewood (rosewood), Natural Cherry (cherry). Options finish option: Black Oak (black oak), Medium Oak (dark oak), Walnut (walnut), Satin Pommele Sapele (African mahogany), Curly Maple (maple), BE Maple (maple bird's eye), Olive Ash Burl (olive ash with capam), Sapele Pommele HG (varnished African mahogany). The terms and conditions of manufacturing in Tula.

Features of outdoor acoustics Legacy Audio Helix

Five-band design
10 speakers in each column (four of which have a diameter of 38 centimeters)
Professional, fully balanced Studio external processor
Built into each speaker active subwoofer 750 watts
Incredibly high sensitivity of 100 dB
The output signal level of over 120 dB full range

Features of outdoor acoustics Legacy Audio Helix

The number of lanes5
Frequency range16 - 25000 Hz
Sensitivity100 dB / 2,83 V / 1 m
Nominal impedance4 Ohms
The crossover frequency60 Hz / 200 Hz / 8 kHz
DynamicsTweeter: Neo-Quadra-pole
MF - 4 x 6" CurviLinear
Midrange/treble 3 x 15" Neodymium
WOOFER - 15" Copper/Aluminium
Recommended amplifier power rating will3 x 300 W
Sizes 1900 x 510 x 610 mm
Weight120 kg

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