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  • Floor standing speakers Legacy Audio Focus SE
  • Floor standing speakers Legacy Audio Focus SE

Description floor speaker Legacy Audio Focus SE

Commemorative model, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Legacy Audio company that represents the achievements of the firm. The palm is not accidentally fell on Focus - the most sold in 25 year history of the company model, which according to its Creator "opened the door to the world of Hi-End".

The anniversary model is called Legacy Audio Focus Silver Edition. Quite naturally, devoted to a significant date sound system had to be both externally and internally from the standard model. That is why the design is the basis for the model project HD Focus was radically changed. The corps has become, but the deeper, side walls, front and top panels were deployed at a small angle to get rid of parallel surfaces, sometimes contributing to the emergence of standing waves. Additional facets like a cut gemstone light distribution on the surface of the enclosure allowed us to evenly distribute sound waves without excessive diffraction artifacts inherent in sharp corners. The change of the body allowed the engineers to take the next step - to optimize the location of crossovers and significantly reduce the length of cables internal wiring in contrast to the standard model. Two more significant changes was the use of reference cables Kimber a larger cross-section for connection to the medium-high frequency section and a new crossover with film capacitors, all components were selected with a tolerance of just /- 0,25 %

New inverters have a better aerodynamic shape and increased diameter, it is possible to significantly improve the low frequency sound. Spikes in contrast to the standard model built directly into the enclosure base, which allowed to lower the radiation axis of the tweeter by a couple of inches for a better build sound stage. In the end, each of the above changes have added to the sound of the acoustic system Focus SE touches that have made outstanding thing in audioreader.

Starting with the 2013 model year, both models Focus equipped with the latest dual tweeter high performance Legacy Dual Air Motion Tweeter (an advanced AMT design) with high efficiency.

Standard finish options: Black Pearl (black pearl), Rosewood (rosewood), Natural Cherry (cherry). Options finish option: Black Oak (black oak), Medium Oak (dark oak), Walnut (walnut), Satin Pommele Sapele (African mahogany), Curly Maple (maple), BE Maple (maple bird's eye), Olive Ash Burl (olive ash with capam), Sapele Pommele HG (varnished African mahogany). The terms and conditions of manufacturing in Tula.

Features floor speaker Legacy Audio Focus SE

Redesigned casing construction to prevent the occurrence of standing waves
The use of reference Kimber cables for internal wiring
Carefully selected crossover components with minimum tolerances

Features of outdoor acoustics Legacy Audio Focus SE

System typeFront, outdoor, passive
The number of lanes4
Frequency range18 - 30000 Hz
Sensitivity95,4 dB / 2,83 V / 1 m
Nominal impedance4 Ohms
The crossover frequency120 / 2800 / 8000 Hz
DynamicsHF - dual AMT system, 25/102 mm, 1 PC.
MF - 178 mm, 2 PCs., cast basket, the cone Rohacell - reinforced carbon/silver
LF - 305 mm, 2 PCs., aluminum cone, cast basket
Speaker dimensions1400 x 356 x 390 mm (1575 x 508 x 508 mm in the package)
The weight of one columnAnd 62.6 kg (92 kg per pack)

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